CBRE Thailand Organizes 2022 Virtual Run: Run for the Future

November 15, 2022

A tremendous thank you to everyone who participated in the 35-day virtual run challenge | Run for the future. This was such a crucial time that we were all able to walk and run together, from wherever we are and that allows us to connect altogether and help one another during the exercise. As of November 13, fifty-six CBRE Thailand employees have completed the goal of walking or running in a total of 135 kilometers. With the 121 participants combined, have achieved up to 12,403 kilometers. Despite heavy rain throughout Bangkok and significant flooding in Phuket, the participants kept going and did not give up. Everyone’s effort proves their determination to achieve their set goals without compromise. 

Once again, congratulations and infinite thanks to those who achieved the goal of 135 kilometers of walking and running experience.  A running shirt is given to all finishers as a token of our appreciation. We encourage all of you to maintain healthy habits through exercise. 


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