Allamanda 1 Condominium

Giorgio Maria Rosica | On Behalf of the Co-Owners Committee

"The Committee and Co-Owners have been extremely pleased with the performance of CBRE to date."

Allamanda 1 Condominium is a registered condominium comprising of 94 condominium units and is located in the Laguna Phuket Complex.

Initially Allamanda 1 Condominium was managed as if it were a Hotel by the original Developer who appointed itself as the CJP Manager.  Co-Owners subsequently wrestled back control over the Condominium and as a result appointed CBRE in 2007.  CBRE however left in 2009 by mutual consent due to various issues which were not of CBRE’s or the Condominium’s doing.

Having then appointed other CJP Managers including another international Managing Agents, we recently reappointed CBRE on the 1st April 2012 having come to the conclusion that CBRE is the best Managing Agent in Phuket who we believe has the resources and capabilities to manage our Condominium.

The Committee and Co-Owners have been extremely pleased with the performance of CBRE to date.  Allamanda 1 Condominium is a complex development, however, CBRE has acquitted itself very well, understood the issues to hand and has already started to move the Condominium forward in a positive manner.

The reporting from CBRE has also been excellent and something we have not been fortunate enough to experience until CBRE came back on board.

We appreciate that Property Management is not just about 6 months, it is ongoing.  However, to date we are extremely pleased that we made the decision to appoint CBRE and based upon their current performance we would definitely recommend them to any potential customers looking for strong, professional and transparent management.

Featured Testimonials

  • As a property developer, you take every precaution to select only the most skilled and reliable contractors and service providers, and with CBRE we are in no doubt that we have selected correctly.

  • The attitude and behavior that was shown by your staff in the absence of any observation demonstrates qualities that lead to high performance across important operational functions.

  • They've been very professional and efficient in the work they have done, and many times a problem has been solved after hours!