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Condo Review: Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok

Oct 20178,912 Views

Five-star luxury expertise combined with smart layouts, premium quality, 350 meters of river frontage, Four Seasons Private Residences is trophy property to charm even the most discerning buyer.

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

Development Name:
Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok
Country Group Development Public Company Limited
Location Area: Riverfront, Charoenkrung 64
Product Type: Leasehold Super Luxury Condominium, Part of Chao Phraya Estate
Land Area: 14.2 Acres (35-2-68 Rai)
Building: 1 Building, 73 Stories
No. of Units: 355
Unit Type & Size:
1-Bedroom (105 - 137 sq.m.)
2-Bedroom (115 - 140 sq.m.)
3-Bedroom (191 - 215 sq.m.)
3-Bedroom Duplex (219 - 239 sq.m.)
4-Bedroom (396 - 399 sq.m.)
4-Bedroom Duplex (355 - 358 sq.m.)
5-Bedroom Duplex (492 - 499 sq.m.)
601 spaces (Approx. 170% parking to unit ratio, floating & fixed allocation by unit size)
Estimated Completion: Quarter 4, 2018
Average Price/Sq.m: Average 330,000 baht/sq.m. (As of September, 2017 – Actual price vary by unit)

About the Developer:

Country Group is company made up of an association of companies that share a common histry and key executive management bringing together a complete set of multi-sector skills needed for successful property development including real estate, financial services, fund management, and investment management. These synergies bring together a set of competencies that should quell any doubt that they are more than capable of delivering on their products to investors or buyers.

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

The Mixed-Use Master Project: Chao Phraya Estate

Country Group Development is creating a trophy development called the Chao Phraya Estate comprised of three individual projects that are sure to be an icon of modern cosmopolitan hospitality and living. The land plot procured in for this project is approximately 35 rai (or 14.2 acres), but what makes it specifically unique, and extremely rare, is that it is located directly on the riverfront of the famous Chao Phraya river that flows through the heart of Bangkok. What is even more unique is that, unlike what you would expect from most developers holding such prime real estate, this large plot of land will hold only 3 buildings, two of which are luxury hotels and one residence tower, making it a very low-density project. The 3 buildings will include Four Seasons Hotel, Capella Hotel, and Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok. As both hotels are extremely high-end and luxurious, the designers wanted to ensure that the space feels private and unique to give visitors the ultimate exclusive riverfront luxury experience in the heart of the Thailand’s capital. That is why they focused on ensuring that there is plenty of garden/park space nestled throughout the low density masterplan project, creating a continuous riverfront garden and boardwalk that is over 300 meters wide. Unlike some mixed-use projects, the developer intentionally designed this projects’ three buildings to complement each other to create a perfect example of how the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Location Overview:

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

The projected is situated on the downtown Bangkok side of the river making it significantly more convenient for accessibility. Accessing the toll way by car is also not difficult as the map above depicts. providing relatively fast access to most parts of Bangkok and beyond. Furthermore, the BTS Sky Train is only around a 20-minute walk from the project site. Boat access will also be an option for residents once this super luxury condominium project is complete. It is also important to note that residents can gain easy access to Sathon and Silom CBD areas from this project by heading down Charoen Krung Road and turning right onto Sathon or driving up Chan Road to gain access to Naradhiwas Road.

The area boasts a number of dining and shopping centers. Asiatique, a charming river front community call, is a short 5-minute drive away, Robinson Department Store, in the opposite direction, is also around 5 minutes away. Residents can easily visit the multitude of for food and drink around the neighborhood or make the short drive into Sathon or Silom areas to find even more to do. Whatever residents may be in the mood for, rest assured they will be able to find something to meet that need within a short traveling distance of this project.

Project Design:

The project was designed with the primary goal of giving both residents and guests the ultimate 5-star prestigious luxury hotel experience. The master layout is broken into 3 building zones with Capella Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel flanking both sides of the high-rise condominium tower which sits at the center and separates the two hotels. This layout serves a couple of thoughtful purposes. First, it shows that the developer is putting buyers and investors of this very exclusive residence first. In a city that is ever changing sometimes it is difficult to guarantee who your neighbors will be in the future. To ensure that residents of this project will always have neighbors that befit the prestigious nature of this project, the designers placed the residence in the center with the two luxury hotels on either side. The second benefit is that it ensures that the views from the condominium will not be immediately obstructed within a 100-meter radius of the side of the building, should future developments of adjacent properties hold high-rise buildings. The large plot of land offers up 350 meters of river frontage to give residents an unparalleled private riverfront experience, which apart from the size and brand, is really what makes this project so unique.

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

The design language of the façade is contemporary but timeless in that it is a design that will not be out of date in long term. Timeless does not mean pretty or good. Many timeless designs are just square structures that have no character which results in there being nothing to go out of style. These private residences, in contrast, offer a lot of design subtleties and understated elegance with a look and feel that will never get dated.

As with all super luxury condominium projects, premium specifications, fit, and finish come standard. So we will leave the details to the fact sheet. What is not so evident in the fact sheet are the elements of this project that really gives it the comfortable yet elegant charm that will keep people coming back, and interested in this residence even 20 years into the future. 

All Corner Unit Design

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

The building layout of the project was thoughtfully planned and the result is a project that features a very unique all corner unit design. Every single unit is designed as a corner unit and allows residents to take in a minimum of approximately 180-degree views of the river and/or city scape. This is a unique design language that is not often achievable due to land shapes or sizes. Thanks to the large amount of land that the developers invested to create this master project, the designers had more flexibility in maximizing the layout.

Low Density Land Utilization

With only three buildings on the land, two of which are low rise, the space is utilization is not maximized in terms of floor to area ratios. The result is that residents will not feel crowded while in the compound. Furthermore, the building designers wanted to focus on privacy using natural space and barriers to break up the different zones, so the project has a lot of green space with manicured 5-star level hotel gardens and a riverfront boardwalk that opens to a wide area of the Chao Phraya giving the layout feel even more open.

Chao Phraya River Front Access

Though this may not seem specifically like a design element; it should be noted that the opportunity to build on one of the last remaining large river front spaces in downtown Bangkok gives this project a high barrier to entry and a kind of peaceful charm that you will not find in any other trophy project of this size.

Mixed-Use Property

Many developers may have chosen to incorporate retail or office space into a mixed use land plot of this size. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that choice, Country Group Development has chosen not one, but two, prestigious hotels to be part of this luxury mixed use project. Having 5-star hotels as neighbors along with all the hotel amenities will help to enhance the sense of privacy and luxury as hotels of this class are certain to be exclusive and luxurious.

Interior Design:

The interior design is no less impressive than the exterior design and planning. With the smallest unit size starting at 105 square meters, it is obvious that the designers wanted to focus on making these residences comfortable, open, and spacious. This project was designed from the inside out, placing the focus on layout functionality and livability, and then finishing with aesthetic—indeed a very western school of design.

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

Living & Dining Areas

The result of working this way is that the residences have been designed to maximize the functionality, space layout, and livability of the unit down to the very last square meter. Upon entering the room, you will instantly notice how open, logical, and comfortable the rooms feel, yet you may not be able to immediately put your finger on what it is that makes it feel that way. Good design is design that enhances your living space, it doesn’t call attention to itself but always seem to just work the way you’d expect when you need it.

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand


A lot of attention was given to some key areas of the design to make this happen. First is the basic floorplan which you will notice leaves no room impractical or unusable. Square and rectangular rooms are usually the most practical shapes for ensuring space maximization and the developer has used this fundamental design philosophy to create open and connected space throughout the unit. As a result, space, even in the corners, is utilized either to add functional value or simply to maximize the livability of the room. The developer can honestly claim one of the best floor plan designs of all condominiums in Bangkok, even when compared to other trophy projects by other developers in the same class and category. Second, the architect wanted to ensure a good balance of natural light and ventilation, so they added windows to supplement the balconies in places that will maximize airflow through the unit when windows and balconies are open.

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

Living & Kitchen Areas

Some specifics that greatly enhance the livability of these units, apart from design, is special attention to practical details. For example, in the two-bedroom unit the sliding glass balcony doors are paned to fold and intersect at a 90-degree angle. This means that when the balcony doors are opened the square balcony space merges into the dining and living spaces creating a seamless connection between the inside and outside. It is the only luxury condo project in Bangkok that features this type of door system for the balcony. Bathrooms feature glass partitions between the bedroom to allow natural light into the bathroom to make the bathroom feel more spacious and open. The very lowest ceiling is 2.7 meters with the average around 3 meters high making rooms feel even more spacious.

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

Bedroom & Bathroom

As far as specifications are concerned, sufficed to say that the developer did not cut corners and have included premium finishing materials and fixtures throughout and should leave little to be wanted other than personal preferences. (A detailed list of materials is available in the fact sheet.) The fully fitted units come with brand-name appliances and fixtures, and windows are multi-pained glass with low emissivity coating to reduce heat gain and shield against exterior noise. Hot water is provided through a central boiler system which supplies hot water to every faucet. Air conditioning is handled through a central air conditioning system with technology built into the system to precool warm air before entering the cooling coils to reduce load and save energy.

Amentiies and Facilities:

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand


Facilities are broken into three zones which include The River Lounge, The Amenities Deck, and the Four Seasons Club. The developers have provided enough common area space to ensure that residents have all the facilities they need for every occasion whether for leisure, hosting, or for health and fitness. These three facility zones total a class- leading 5 floors of space, not even including the river front boardwalk area, which is generous even by luxury project standards. This further underpins the fact that the developer is truly ensuring the privacy and exclusivity of its residents. Country Group Development has thought of everything that makes practical sense to include from plenty of green space to wine, cigar, and billiards rooms. The project features two infinity pools and two areas with fitness equipment.

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

The River Lounge:  The ground floor zone is called the River Lounge and provides residents a lobby and waiting lounge that serves both as a reception lobby and extends through the opposite side giving residents access to the riverfront gardens and board walk. Private dining facilities are also available for the times you would like to enjoy a quiet dinner while taking in the charm of the Chao Phraya river.

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

The Amenities Deck:  The Amenities Deck can be found on level three and is focused primarily on health, fitness, and entertainment. This zone contains twenty different amenities serving all the needs for daily active lifestyles. The infinity pool takes in the view of the Chao Phraya river while the fitness center is a fully equipped gym. Needless to say that residents will not be left wanting for facility conveniences.

Four Seasons Club:  Towards the top of the building the Four Seasons Club occupies 3 full floor, including the 64-66th floors. The list of amenities is extensive as you will note from the lists for each floor.

Level 64:

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

  1. Club Host
  2. Billiards Lounge
  3. Wine Room
  4. Residents' Bar
  1. Cigar Lounge
  2. Outdoor Star-gazing Terrace
  3. Glof Simulator
  1. Living Room
  2. Meeting Room
  3. Screening and Performance Room

Level 65:

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

  1. Teens Den
  2. Music Studio
  3. Arts and Activity Atelier
  1. Study Room
  2. Private Cardio Pods
  1. Towels and Water
  2. Yoga / Pilates Studio

Level 66:

Review Condo - Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok, Riverside, Thailand

  1. Rooftop Infinity Pool
  2. Sun Deck
  1. Poolside Entertaining Area
  1. BBQ Pit


Apart from the physical elements of the project, another element that makes a luxury project luxurious is the level of service residents can expect. In this aspect Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok will not disappoint. The developer has contracted Four Seasons to provide branded property management and concierge services. In doing so, Country Group Development has ensured that residents will receive the same standards of luxury service that Four Seasons Hotel has become famous for providing. Residents of Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok will be able to enjoy a real hotel-like living experience with The Four Seasons Hotel next door offering all of its room services to owners of the residence as well. This means all of the restaurants, café’s, social clubs, room services, concierge services, and building management services will all be provided by Four Seasons and residents can make full use of the Four Seasons Hotels services as well. Above just ordering food as room service, residents can also arrange to have catering done to their room by any of the restaurants at the Four Seasons Hotel or schedule a private dinner at any of the many dining areas or lounges found throughout the property’s facilities---even a romantic dinner by the river at on the River Lounge floor is available. With the flagship hotel right next door, residents do not need to worry about the long term quality of service.

Summary of Key Features:

Now that we have reviewed the specifics, let us discuss the key strengths. These are the features that, in our opinion, make this project particularly interesting to buyers and investors. In today’s market, there are many projects for buyers to choose from, and sometimes within close proximity of each other, so developers must find a way to differentiate themselves from one another. Here are the key strengths we think makes Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok unique and the value propositions it can offer investors and buyers:

  1. Location & Land Size:  Riverfront land in downtown Bangkok is difficult to find on its own right. This project is 35 rai (14 acres) and features around 350 meters of river fronts making it the last of its kind in this type prime downtown location. The land plot is located in downtown Bangkok and only around 10-15 minutes away from Sathon prime business district.
  1. Master Plan Layout Advantage:  The low density design of the master plan combined with a layout that puts the residences in the center of this large plot of river front land ensures that views from the rooms will never become immediately blocked by neighboring developments. With a Capella Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel flanking either side of the residence, owners are guaranteed more privacy and exclusivity when at home.
  1. Facilities, Amenities, and Surrounding Environment:  Unlike other mixed use commercial projects, the mixed use at Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok are the combination of two five-star hotels and one residences which give owners the best aspects of luxury resort amenities while enjoying privacy, peace, and comfort their own home. Five floors of amenities and facilities combined with 5-star luxury hotel level service and amenities provided by Four Seasons Hotel set this project one step above the rest, even compared to other trophy projects in the CBD area.
  1. Unit Design & Layout:  When looking at luxury units’ interiors and exteriors, the claim of “best in class specifications” does not carry the same weight because almost every luxury project on the market will also claim the same, making “best in class specifications” the norm for this category. The unit layout is what buyers should pay special attention to because it is the thing that is hardest, if not impossible, to change later on. From our experience, after seeing the layouts from hundreds of projects, we can confidently say that Four Season Private Residences offers one of the best layouts in terms of function and efficiency. You are truly getting the best in class price per square meter value in terms of usability and livability in any size unit you buy here.
  1. Investment Potential:  With Capella Hotel and Four Seasons Hotel sitting on either side of this project, Four Seasons will have further incentive to ensure that the residence building is maintained at the same level of the hotel to ensure that the compound looks consistently well maintained. This ensures long term quality for residents. The additional advantage is that well maintained buildings are easier to resell and with high net worth individuals who will undoubtedly patron the two 5-star hotels on the property, the residence building is guaranteed to get a lot of exposure to potential buyers as guests of the hotels get the opportunity to experience what life on the river would be like for them at Four Seasons Private Residences Bangkok.

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