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Condo Review: Tela Thonglor

Jan 20178,424 Views

Tela, located in the heart of Thong Lo, boasts a contemporary design with unique open floor plans that create spacious and luxurious living spaces that is sure to impress.

Project Key Data Overview:

Development Name:
Tela Thonglor
Gaysorn Wattana Co., Ltd.
Location Area: Thonglor Soi 13
Product Type: Freehold Condominium
Land Area: 1-3-63 rai (763 sq.m.)
Building: 1 building, 32 stories, 2 basement floors
No. of Units: 84 units
Unit Type & Size:
2-Bedroom (111 sq.m.)
3-Bedroom (201-202 sq.m.)
3 Bedrooms Duplex - 3+1 Duplex (236-349 sq.m.)
142 spaces (169%)
Estimated Completion: July 2019
Average Price/Sq.m: Approximately 330,000 baht/sq.m. (As of Oct 27, 2016 – exact price may vary)

Location Overview: Thonglor (Sukhumvit Soi 55)

One looking for the latest and greatest residences that Thonglor area has to offer need not look further than Tela Thonglor. Tela Thonglor is a super luxury condominium under development by well-known Gaysorn Property. It is situated right in the middle of Thonglor (Sukhumvit Soi 55) at the corner of Thonglor Road and Soi 13, putting it half way between Sukhumvit and Petchaburi road. The centrally located project makes it easy to reach, whether approaching from Petchaburi or from Sukhumvit road. As for those days you may prefer to take the mass transit system, the nearest BTS Station is the Thonglor Station located approximately 1 kilometer from the project.

In the general area, residents will have convenient access to all of the restaurants, bars, clubs, and nightlife that has made the Thonglor area a prestigious and much coveted area to live in. You will never have to go far to reach your Friday night party spot or travel far to get home after your night of fun. In case you want a quiet night at home to cook in with friends and family, or just need to make a quick stop for the necessities, Tops Market is just down the road (approximately 520 meters) across from Soi 5. In addition to places to eat, drink, and socialize, Tela is only around 550 meters from Samitivej Hospital, ensuring that visiting the hospital on those sick days will never be a chore.

As for retail shopping and movie theaters, the closest options are located at the emDistrict, which include EmQuartier and Emporium.  These two malls, adjacently located, are approximately 2.5 kilometers away, which would be approximately a 15-20 minute drive with normal traffic conditions. Alternatively the malls can be reached via the BTS at the Prom Phong Station.  Should you just want to catch a movie, another closer theater can be found at the Major Cineplex shopping center near Ekamai road. That is a bit closer at around 1.7 kilometers and only around a 5-10 minute drive with normal traffic conditions.

The immediate area (within a 1-5 minute walking distance) surrounding the site of the project are popular venues such as Iron Fairies, Seen Space, HOBS (House of Beers), Mellow Restaurant, Starbucks, Kaze Fresh Japanese, Roast @ theCommons, just to name a few. The list of venues to eat and drink would be quite extensive should we name them all.  

Project Overview

The project is one of the newest projects in the Thonglor area. Being that it is one of just a few new options buyers have to choose from, Tela Thonglor has commanded a lot of attention, but not just because of scarcity but also because of its luxury design, its location, and its brand. Gaysorn Property has a reputation for doing a good job at creating luxury projects. However, Tela Thonglor will have to compete for its space with “Khun” a new super luxury project by Sansiri, located right across the street.


Review Condo - Tela Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

Review Condo - Tela Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

What is good design? Good design is timeless. Good design means that it can be built today and still be considered good design 10 or more years from now. Often we see architectural design concepts from developers that are out of style even before construction is complete. These designs invoke a sense of temporal fashion rather than long lasting fascination. Gaysorn Property has chosen to use a modern conservative luxury design for Tela that, while may not be as flashy as some new projects in CBD, should certainly stand the test of time with its contemporary luxury and functional design. This is not a project that will go out of style anytime soon which is important for buyers to consider as they invest upwards of 30 million baht on a property.

Design is not the only important factor that we must consider. Tela is positioned as a super luxury product, which must cater to the luxury buyer. What is luxury? We often see certain adjectives used in conjunction with or to describe luxury—words such as exclusive and privilege. Ultimately these words translate to space and privacy. Luxury is a space you can enjoy in privacy. It is freedom from the common hustle.

In addition to timeless design, Tela also provides the luxury that buyers in this category will desire and expect from their unit. The two bedroom units begin at 111 square meters. The standard three bedroom units are 201-202 sq.m. The three bedroom duplex units range from 236 sq.m. to 349 sq.m. for the largest units ensuring that no matter which room type you choose, you will be treated to a spacious units with excellent livability. Though located in the heart of the busy Thonglor, residents will enjoy plenty of privacy and serenity upon arriving home.  

The condominium has 142 parking spots which translates to 169% room to parking ratio so owners will not have to be concerned about finding somewhere to park when they arrive home. The condo features private keycard-activated lifts that will take residents directly to the front door of their unit.  Furthermore, the keycard will only allow residents to access their own unit and the common areas on the ground floor and fifth floor. Homeowners need not worry about security.

Project Amenities:

The project offers two main common areas one being on the ground floor and basement and the other being on the sixth floor.

The ground floor offers most of your concierge service level amenities including:

  • Drop-off area
  • Arrival lobby
  • Lounge/library
  • Mail room
  • Waiting lobby
  • A multifunction room and children’s play area
  • Management Office
  • Drivers waiting room
  • Garden & BBQ area

The sixth floor offers:

  • A 22m x 11m swimming pool
  • Kids pool
  • Wet deck lounge & lounge chairs
  • A large dry pool deck & lounge area
  • Daybeds
  • Club house with outdoor area
  • Changing rooms with separate male and female steam rooms
  • Treatment room
  • Gym
  • Yoga room

Unit Details:

Tela Thonglor offers 2 bedroom (111 Sq.M.), 3 bedroom (201-202 Sq.M.), 3 bedroom duplex and 3 + 1 duplex (236-349 Sq.) unit designs. All units sold are fully fitted, meaning that air conditioners, bathroom fixtures, closets and walk-in closets, kitchen appliances and cabinetry, and white painted walls are all provided by standard. What would not be included is certain decorative furniture or wallpaper and floating furniture piece’s shown in the mockup unit.

Review Condo - Tela Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

The sales office has the Tela Legacy Suite B floor plan mocked up, which is the standard 201 Sq.M. 3 bedroom unit. After being warmly greeted and educated on the projects’ general features, the competent sales agent will guide the potential buyer through the mockup unit. The floorplan layout is very well thought through. The tour begins where the private lift doors would open. You are greeted by a private lift lobby with cabinets on either side. On the left side is a large cabinet with enough space to store golf bags or even a couple of bicycles. On the right is general shelving space and a built-in shoe cabinet.


The living room is directly in front of you as you walk in and opens into a large space that covers both the living and dining area. When you walk in and face the far wall, the designers did a very good job of merging the various spaces from the kitchen, to the living room, to the large balcony that extends the length of the entire unit to create a seamless space that feels uncluttered, open, and relaxed. The floor to ceiling height is 2.7 meters at the lowest point and 3.2 meters where the ceiling is recessed which make the unit feel extra spacious.

Review Condo - Tela Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

Review Condo - Tela Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

When you walk in to the main area the kitchen will be located on your left and the living area and balcony will be located on your right. (Actual orientation may vary depending on the room you purchase.) A definite highlight of this three bedroom unit is the floor to ceiling glass windows and doors that connect the living space to the balcony and since it is floor to ceiling glass, the space does not feel divided creating a sense of openness and connectedness. The designers designed the balcony so that the doors could be opened wide, connecting the living area to the very spacious balcony, in essence merging the two spaces into one when the owner may want to open up the unit and enjoy a nice evening with fresh air.

The floors on the unit are made of engineered dark wood in the dining and living area, giving the space a homey feel. The kitchen features a compressed marble tile floor, making the kitchen look spacious and easy to clean. The unit features two kitchen areas. The first is the European style kitchen on your left when you walk in with a large island separating the living room and the kitchen. The kitchen features Italian-designed built-in kitchen cabinets with solid white surface counter tops that extend the length of the wall behind the island and electrical kitchen appliances by Kupperbusch and Bertazonni. The island also features shelving which allows for more space for storing cookery and other items. The layout seamlessly connects the kitchen, large spacious living and dining area, and large balcony to create the perfect space for any house party the own would want to throw as it allows everyone to share in the same space without cutting anyone off from each other, even those cooking in the European kitchen. The spacious living and dining area of the unit is sure to impress any guests the owner would like to host.

Alternatively, if you want to make a meal at home and you can still enjoy a stunning view of the Bangkok skyline while you cook and enjoy the scenery through the large floor to ceiling glass windows and doors.

Review Condo - Tela Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

Review Condo - Tela Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

The second kitchen area is an “outdoor” Thai kitchen, which is separated from the main European kitchen inside.  This is good for those times when the cooking will generate a lot of smoke or strong smells that you don’t want to spread to the whole unit.  The Thai kitchen is found in the back hall way that is also home to the maid’s quarters and washer/dryer area as well as small service balcony that serves dual purposes to allow air to flow through the unit from the main balcony to the this service balcony, as well as being a service door for the air conditioning compressors.

Review Condo - Tela Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

Review Condo - Tela Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand


Next to the kitchen is the main hallway/corridor leading to the three bedrooms and guest toilet. The hallway was thoughtfully planned with guide LED lights that will shine on the floor in the event of a power outage to ensure you can find your way conveniently to the living area. When entering the hallway, the second bedroom will be located directly to the right while the guest toilet will be on the left. As you walk further the third bedroom will be located on the right again, meaning that the second and third bedrooms share a connected wall. The door to the master bedroom is located at the end of the hallway directly in front of you, and is the furthest room from the common area.

Review Condo - Tela Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

Review Condo - Tela Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

Additionally, all bedrooms have balcony access on the Legacy Suite B room design that the builder had on display.  As mentioned before the balcony extends the length of the unit, creating one large connected balcony for the whole unit.  It is important to iterate this point as it is a unique feature of this project and gives the whole unit a feeling of living in a villa rather than a standard condo.

All the bathrooms are fitted with a vanity counter with mirror and under counter cabinets.  The floors and walls are finished with compressed marble tile giving the bathrooms a light color with a clean and classy feel.  The bathrooms in the second and third bedrooms offer a glass enclosed shower area, while the master bathroom adds a bathtub as well.  The master bathroom features a fixed pane glass window that looks into the master bedroom and out to the balcony as well to give the bathroom a very open feeling in addition to a view.  The master bathroom also features a “his & hers” sink which many should find convenient in day to day life.

Review Condo - Tela Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

Review Condo - Tela Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

As with anything, the best way to get a real feeling for what Tela Thonglor has to offer is to go and visit the sales office and it is almost needless to say that you will almost certainly be impressed by what Gaysorn Property has to offer you in this project. From excellent location to excellent project design, Gaysorn Property has done a superb job at paying attention to every detail to maximize and elevate your lifestyle through elegant and luxurious livability in their design.

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