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Programming Asia Pacific Cities as Global Tech Hubs

Rapid growth by tech companies continues to fuel office demand in Asia Pacific and spur the development of state-of-the-art headquarters buildings across the region. This trend is driving the forma... More Detail
Asia Pacific ViewPoint - Rethinking Alternative Asset Valuation: Challenges and Approaches

As Asia Pacific enters the late stage of the economic growth cycle, real estate investors are increasingly emphasising asset diversification and stability of income as their criteria move beyond... More Detail
Asia Pacific ViewPoint - The Greening of Corporate Real Estate: Integrating Sustainability Into Procurement Strategy

Recent years have seen corporate real estate occupiers make great strides towards integrating sustainability into their supply chains, particularly in the area of procurement. This pheno... More Detail
Asia Pacific Agile Series: Can Coworking Save You Money?

Comparing the Cost of Flexible Space and Traditional Office Leases While conventional long-term leases remain the norm, office occupiers are increasingly assembling portfolios by picking and ... More Detail
Asia Pacific ViewPoint - Next Generation Tenant Engagement Platforms February 2019

Recent years have seen the development of tenant engagement platforms in response to growing employee demand for technology-driven, hospitality-infused and inspiring workplaces. While th... More Detail
Asia Pacific Viewpoint - Uncovering Value Late in the Cycle: Where Should Investors Look in 2019?

Asia Pacific continues to enjoy one of its longest ever periods of uninterrupted economic expansion, driven by supportive monetary policy and robust growth in China. However, end-of-cycl... More Detail
Real Estate Analytics: Transforming Data with Intelligence

For most companies, business intelligence has traditionally involved allocating considerable time and resources to generating dreary statistical reports, which are then displayed in spreadsheets an... More Detail
How Job Automation Will Reshape Corporate Office Demand in Asia Pacific

OFFICE JOBS AT RISK OF BEING AUTOMATED Technology has long been a major driver and disruptor of workplace and workforce change. During the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, t... More Detail
In and Out: Asia October 2016

Prior to the onset of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008, Asian real estate emerged as a popular asset class among European, North American and Middle Eastern investors, lured by the Asian g... More Detail

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