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CBRE Research provides information and analysis of economic, capital and real estate sector conditions and trends. The Company's own extensive database, market knowledge and expertise provide the most reliable, updated and comprehensive assessments of the Thailand property market available.

Our research team is closely linked to the largest agency team in Thailand, providing it with an unsurpassed wealth of knowledge on the key factors influencing the local market. In addition to data gleaned from the largest volume of transactions in the Thai market, our research team also conducts its own field surveys, which are then combined with the latest secondary data from governmental and private agencies to create overall market studies used by our clients to predict future trends and model their behavior accordingly.

Key real estate decisions have been made by leading financial institutions, property developers and operators, private owners, equity partners, property funds and investors, based on the market intelligence and statistics highlighted by CBRE's Research Services. 

In addition to our market-leading coverage of breaking news and defining trends in the Thai property sector, CBRE's Research Services collects data and publishes research across various sectors from regional and global markets.

1. Bangkok Property Report

Bangkok Property ReportThe Bangkok Property Report is CBRE’s flagship quarterly subscription publication, with data from a well-tried and tested database reinforcing its reputation as Bangkok’s definitive property sector source.

The Bangkok Property Report provides an in-depth analysis of the Bangkok real estate market, including:

  • Property supply and demand
  • Property occupancy
  • Property take-up

In addition to the above, the property research report also has prices and rental trends for various different property segments.

Originally commissioned in 1997 by the Financial Restructuring Authority of Thailand in the wake of the financial crisis, the report was intended to provide a critical yet reliable overview of the Thai property market, along with external factors that could affect it.

For more details, please Bangkok Property Report.

2. Phuket Property Report

Phuket Property ReportThe Phuket Property Report, the latest half yearly subscription report by CBRE's Research Services in Thailand, is an initiative designed to bring professional analysis and transparency to the growing Phuket property market which can, for the right projects, generate some of the highest returns in Thailand but which has also been shrouded in mystery, especially in terms of sales velocity and volumes. The report provides detailed information and analysis from CBRE's comprehensive and unrivaled Phuket and overall Thailand databases, combined with our own exhaustive market and property surveys and along with the latest and most reliable secondary data from governmental agencies and private operators.

The Phuket Property Report has been created to fill a pressing need in the Phuket property sector as it becomes increasingly sophisticated and complex. CBRE has been a pioneer in the Phuket property market, starting from development and agency projects in the early 1990s to the establishment of our own permanent Phuket agency and property management office in the early 2000s.

For more details, please Phuket Property Report.

3. Bangkok Retail Report

Bangkok Retail ReportThe Bangkok Retail Report provides the most up-to-date data and in-depth analysis built on CBRE's comprehensive databases and unrivaled experiences in the retail market in Thailand.  The report covers:

  • Thailand at a Glance
  • Key Economic Indicators
  • Consumer Perspectives 
  • Quarterly highlights
  • Supply & Demand
  • Rental Rates
  • Expansion Plans of Retailers, Developers, and Retail Chains
For more details, please Bangkok Retail Report

4. Thailand Hotel Report

Thailand Hotel ReportThe Thailand Hotel Report provides the most up-to-date data and in-depth analysis built on CBRE's comprehensive databases and unrivaled experiences in the hotel market in Thailand.  The report covers: 

  • Economic & Tourism Overview
  • Bangkok Hotel Market
  • Serviced Apartment Market
  • Phuket Hotel Market

For more details, please Thailand Hotel Report

In addition, CBRE publishes a wide range of regular market views and updates tracking and analysing trends in key real estate markets across Thailand.

CBRE Research Services are relied upon and quoted extensively as a preferred source of property data, information and market analysis by local and international media. We are dedicated to continuing CBRE's position as the industry leader for the supply of key market intelligence concerning real estate market trends and property-related activities in Thailand. 

For all other research requirements, please contact CBRE. We look forward to discussing your individual requirements with you.

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