Bangkok Retail - Developer Consultancy


1. Location Analysis
The Retail Services team can provide a detailed analysis of a location in terms of catchment area, profiles of consumers and shopping habits.

We can also carry out a detailed analysis of competitors.

2. Concept Development
We can advise developers on retail concepts that best match the target market and to ensure that the shopping centre has a competitive advantage.

3. Design Development
We provide advice on:

  • Unit sizes and layout
  • Shop fronts
  • Water, gas and power requirements
  • Common area design and specifications
  • Service and delivery access
  • Air-conditioning
  • Signage requirements
  • Car parking
  • Vertical transportation (lifts and escalators)
4. Rental and Lease Terms
We provide advice on rentals that can be achieved and lease terms that will be acceptable to retail tenants.

5. Marketing and Leasing
We can act on behalf of retail developers to effectively market retail premises to potential tenants. We advise on promotion and run direct market campaigns targeting potential tenants. Our network of international offices means that we can contact major retail tenants anywhere in the world.

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For information or any advice,
please contact
Jariya ThumtrongkitkulAssociate Director - Retail Services

Phone: +66 2 119 2792, +66 2 119 2795
Fax: +66 2 685 3307

Associate Director - Retail Services
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