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Phuket has become Thailand’s ultimate beach resort destination, offering outstanding holidays in a range of world-class hotels and resorts. The island offers a luxurious tropical lifestyle for visitors at a quarter of the cost of that of Europe.

The island now has in excess of 2000 owners of condominiums, apartments and villas.  The last four years has seen annual capital appreciation of between 15% and 20%. Some property developments have seen their value rise as much as 100% between launch and completion.
Phuket is Thailand's largest island. The west coast has beautiful bays with white sandy beaches stretching down the island. The east coast, while not having as many beaches, offers stunning views and easy access to Phang Nga Bay.

The south of Phuket has a number of great beaches although a lot of the developments now are situated on headlands and provide good views.

Generally, Phuket is fairly hilly with a low range running down the centre, and headlands separating each of the bays on the west side.

The island of Phuket protects a massive bay to the east - Phang Nga bay - famous for its remarkable limestone karst formations. Phang Nga and Koh Phi Phi are popular tourist destinations for day trips and diving.  To the east of Phuket is Krabi, which looks west and back over Phang Nga.

Phuket has a large number of resorts which offer a huge variety of sporting and leisure facilities. There are a number of world-class golf courses including the Laguna Phuket Golf Club, Mission Hills Golf Resort & Country Club, Blue Canyon and the Phuket Country Club. The beaches and the area around Phuket has some of the world’s best diving. Phuket has matured over the last couple of years and there are now a large number of very upmarket restaurants. The Bangkok Phuket Hospital is well known for its “medical tourism” facilities and its world-class care. There are also a number of large western shopping malls that sell all types of western branded goods.
Phuket has a balmy tropical climate, with its best weather during the European winter.

There are two distinct seasons that shift with the direction of the monsoons. The north-east monsoon season, from November through March, brings cooler breezes and sunny, dry days. The wet south-west monsoon runs from May through October.

Phuket has a fairly consistent temperature all year round, with lows in the mid-20s (Celsius) and peak temperatures into the mid-30s. March and April are the hottest months, while November until January is the coolest time of the year.

Dry season
Phuket’s weather is at its best when the dry season starts in November and temperatures and humidity levels drop, making it ideal for sipping cocktails in the shade of beach umbrellas. There may be an occasional shower, but these rarely last more than an hour.

From December through February, rainfall drops to about 40mm/month on average. March remains dry, but it begins to feel hotter and more humid.

Green season
From April to November, the weather in Phuket can be wet. April is the steamiest month, with daytime temperatures around 40 degrees and frequent but brief rain showers.

Rainfall is heavier from May through August, but the storms are often quick to pass and there are still many sunny days during these months. It's a pleasant time of year to visit, as the beaches are less crowded and hotel rates lower.

Wet weather clothing and umbrellas are advisable during September and October, with an average rainfall of more than 300mm.

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