Peter LIM Heng Loong, Singapore

Some 20 years ago, it was love at first sight when we saw Allamanda in Phuket. That development is now called Allamanda 1. We have had happy times there. Then, for various reasons, we wanted to sell our lease on the 2-bedroom, 3rd storey apartment. But we could not find a buyer. In February 2014, CBRE's sales division assigned Khun Narumon Khamkaew to our case. She was the Negotiator. She introduced the buyers and a law firm. The transaction was wrapped up before the end of June. The good negotiator had found us a good Lawyer. There were a few hiccups in the post-sales and funds-transfer-to-Singapore process. The hiccups were cleared painlessly. So my girlfriend Lindy Ong and I could say a fond farewell to Allamanda 1, our happy memories undiluted. Thanks again, CBRE, in particular Khun Narumon and the lawyer Khun Piyawat Suraticharoensuk.