CBRE is committed to delivering you the best possible results on your property in the long term. This means providing operational consultancy services in vital areas of your asset starting from pre-construction consultancy at design stage to facility management review.

We provide you a full and thorough understanding of your property on facility management and property management strategies with the best options for the essential layout, floorplan, services and technology solutions to ease future operations and enhance your property’s operations budget into prosperous returns.

Together with our highly developed and customized software, our operational consultancy team of diverse and highly skilled individuals who excel in their chosen fields is ready to provide unmatched services for your unique property with an all-encompassing experience and detailed insights of your property.


Operational Consultancy Solutions

Operational Consultancy: CBRE offers specialist consultancy at all points in the property operation process including standardization, operability, repair vs disposal, accessibility and maintainability.

Design Consultancy: Our team ensures your asset and its systems are operated smoothly as designed by working alongside your teams in every stage of the development so that your vision is reflected in the long-term operation of the asset while also meeting the demands of the tenants.

Cost Consultancy: Through our best practices and effective operational strategic plan, CBRE experts work closely with you to help you understand and reduce costs throughout the entire asset life cycle.

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