The Bangkok Property Report covers approx. 400 pages and consists of 11 parts.

Bangkok Overview:

  • Economic Overview - Overview of prevailing economic conditions in Thailand, including factors affecting the property market.
  • Infrastructure Update - Detailed study of all current and future infrastructure projects along with effects on future property development.
  • Investment Sector - Information and analysis on Thai property funds, REITs, major land and property transactions.


Market Overview:

  • Freehold & Leasehold Condominium Market Sector - Over 130,000 downtown and 500,000 midtown/suburban condominiums covered, along with secondary market transactional information for older units.
  • Housing Market Sector - Covers the low-rise housing market across the Bangkok Metropolitan Region (over 40,000 units per quarter).
  • Expatriate Rental Apartment Market Sector - Survey covers over 10,000 downtown Bangkok apartments for expatriate rent, broken down into Grade A and B.
  • Serviced Apartment Market Sector - Covers all Grade A and B serviced apartments (over 15,000 units) in downtown Bangkok.
  • Hotel Market Sector - All hotels are broken down into five downtown area, with ADR and occupancy analysis on a basket of all grade hotels in Bangkok.
  • Office Market Sector - Includes data on over 8.7 million sq.m. of Grade A and B office space in Bangkok’s CBD and non-CBD areas.
  • Retail Market Sector - Over 7 million sq.m. of retail space covered.
  • Industrial Market Sector - Covers close to 150,000 rai (24,000 hectare) of serviced industrial land plot (SILP) usage and sales, along with approx. 2.3 million sq.m. of ready-built factory (RBF) space and over 3.4 million sq.m. of modern logistics properties (MLP).



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