Color of the Year 2023

March 27, 2023


Color is a central aspect of design and décor and involves everything from choosing color combinations for walls and ceilings to the search for complementary furniture and accessories. People treat color with great importance because it influences our mood and affects how we feel.


Colors that are perfect for use in a home make it look airy and bright, and (hopefully) cause the residents to feel relaxed and comfortable. We are drawn to colors that are bright and exciting, but these may be more suitable for use in certain furniture or decorative items rather than on walls and ceilings.

With all this in mind, CBRE has put together a number of color trends to look out for in 2023. We hope that it proves useful to those building a new house and looking for ideas, and gives inspiration to current owners who want to give their homes a more modern twist.

1. Elfin Yellow


This color brings a feeling of warmth and comfort. It is suitable for use as a base color, which adds a sense of airiness and nature. It lifts the mood and is suitable for long-term use. It is easy to match with other colors and, though subtle, is certainly not boring.

2. Golden Apricot


Golden Apricot feels fresh, fun, and awake. It is suitable both for walls and as a furniture color; it has the effect of increasing the brightness in that area. It also works well as the color in kids’ rooms, as it enhances feelings of independence and optimism.

3. Lime Green


Lime Green is so en vogue in 2023 because it is reminiscent of the color palette used in the 1990s, a decade which is currently enjoying a wave of nostalgia. Its liveliness and vividness are also suggestive of neon and 90s graffiti art, and it is highly suitable as both a paint choice as well as in other décor elements.

4. Deep Lake


This color scheme is a great fit for all ages and uses as it seems based on elements of nature: the green from trees, sea water blues, and brown earth tones. Classified as a monochromatic color, it gives a feeling of hope and revitalization. It is suitable for home and office spaces, and in furniture tends to increase the sense of relaxation and luxury.

5. Scarlet


Even the name of this shade suggests it will be a hot color for summer 2023. Red tones are known to boost mood and energy because red embodies feelings of power and attraction. This color in particular works well to connect both interior and exterior design elements, and is a popular shade in Latin America.

6. Phlox


This color scheme has received some attention in recent years because it is based on the much talked-about Metaverse, the futuristic virtual world. The color has emerged as a significant trend because of its suitability for living spaces that want to bring a modern, digital age style.

7 . Moonless Night


The traditional thinking is that dark tones are not appropriate for home décor. However, the black & gray tone is currently enjoying popularity as a tone that creates a classic feeling of charm while also having a very modern appeal. Can be used for walls, furniture or even sanitary ware.