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Hidden Creative Café in Bangkok

October 6, 2022

Cafe with paintings

You may think Bangkok has nothing left to discover but this city, with its newly constructed buildings and renovated old shophouses, hides a great deal of unique creative space deep in the small alleys of its busy streets. Here are a few that you might have missed.

Hidden Creative Café in Bangkok - Yellow Lane

1. Yellow Lane

Who knew that this café in soi Ari area has an activity space on the second floor which hosts exhibitions from photography, flower arrangements, dance workshops to art installations throughout the year? Come see the local artist’s newest avant-garde idea and grab a cup of coffee or brunch in the garden.

More Info: Yellow Lane
Location: Ari- Saphan Kwai

Hidden Creative Café in Bangkok - Piccolo Vicolo Café

2. Piccolo Vicolo Café

This very secret, very hidden café is the result of a newly renovated shophouse in Ratchathewi. The loft style coffee house is filled with natural light accompanied by trees and green plants. You will find their art gallery upstairs that will take you to a different world. Architect enthusiasts will also love the renovation.

More Info: Piccolo vicolo cafe'
Location: Ratchathewi

Hidden Creative Café in Bangkok - INK & LION Café

3. INK & LION Café

Art and coffee find a perfect blend in this cozy café in Ekkamai which doubles as a mini art gallery. The owners are art lovers who aim to support both new and old artists seeking a place to showcase their art by showcasing the work on the walls of the café. You don’t need to buy coffee to drop in to see the exhibitions.

More Info: INK & LION Café
Location: Ekkamai

Hidden Creative Café in Bangkok - Arai Arai

4. Arai Arai

What can you expect at this social club? A space with the soul of an artist. A blend of a café, studio, bar, bookstore, and unique customers from young to old, it hosts workshops, mini concerts, cooking parties, and creative performances that will spark your interest.

More Info: Arai Arai
Location: Pom Prap Sattru Phai

When you combine Bangkokians’ passion for coffee, love of a good selfie, business acumen and sense of creativity, what are you left with? Some of the most intriguing and compelling cafes in the region, and our list is just the tip of the iceberg.

Speaking of ice—anyone for coffee?