HYDE Heritage Thonglor | The Highest Number of EV Charging Stations in Thailand!

May 9, 2023


We are living through a time in which everyone seems to be paying attention to environmental issues. As a result, electrical vehicles (also known as EV cars) are viewed as a green option for people who want an alternative to traditional, fossil fuel powered cars. Large companies such as Tesla have dominated the EV market until recently, but we are starting to see smaller car manufacturers catch up. The market now offers a wide variety of EV cars that feature design and functionality to a high level.


To describe EV cars as the vehicle of the future is not an exaggeration. Instead of using combustion engines as with traditional cars, EV cars use electric motors. This means there are no direct negative effects on the environment in terms of carbon emissions and noise pollution. Of course, the electricity used for such cars comes from somewhere, but as renewable energies such as solar, wind, and even fusion continue to be developed, EV cars will move toward becoming a truly carbon-free form of transport.


Sensing this, the Thai government envisions Thailand becoming a production base for EV cars and the wider industry. By 2032, Thailand will end the sale of traditional, gasoline-powered cars. Policies such as this will have a dramatic impact on housing as well as driving. There will be greater demand for EV charging stations at new residential developments, and their presence will be an increasingly important consideration for buyers.


HYDE Heritage Thonglor Bangkok condo for sale was designed to respond to trends such as these, taking into account urban lifestyles while also being mindful of green issues and how driving will change. The project provides 32 EV charging stations to accommodate residents who drive EV cars, accounting for 10% of the total units, meaning HYDE Heritage Thonglor has the highest number of EV charging stations in Thailand at present. And for the convenience of residents, EV car parking spaces are separate and clearly distinguished from non-EV cars. Importantly, the EV charging stations support all major EV cars, including Tesla.


HYDE Heritage Thonglor is a luxury condominium for sale on Sukhumvit road, considered the prime location in central Bangkok, just 250 meters from Thong Lo BTS. It is surrounded by amenities such as luxury retail, 5-star hotels, schools, hospitals, and Grade A office buildings. The project offers a luxury lifestyle with smart living innovation from True Digital Living, 5-star hotel concierge services, extensive common facilities of 2000 sq. m. across eight floors with 28 facilities, and of course, EV car parking spaces and 32 charging stations. HYDE Heritage Thonglor is now ready-to-move-in; serve your EV cars today with a starting price of 11.9 MB*


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