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2023 Asia Pacific Office Occupier Sentiment Survey

Building a better office

June 29, 2023


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As the Asia Pacific region exits the pandemic and business activity returns to normal, corporate occupiers are placing more emphasis on employee productivity and on increasing office utilisation. With workplace transformation underway, there is strong demand to adapt and “build a better office” to meet the fast-evolving needs of employees and senior management. Additionally, occupiers should be actively identifying new opportunities and strategies to future-proof their portfolios.

CBRE’s 2023 Asia Pacific Office Occupier Sentiment Survey, which features insights from more than 130 corporate real estate executives in the region, from more than 80 multinational and domestic companies, delves deeper into the future of work and the changing role of the office.

Tighter policy on hybrid working

Key findings:

  • Management wants higher office attendance
  • Office utilisation in Asia Pacific is higher than in other regions
  • Office usage is expected to rise over the next year
  • Firms tighten hybrid working polices
  • Office-based hybrid working remains the new normal

Post-pandemic portfolio planning

Key findings:

  • Leasing strategies will remain cautious in the short-term
  • Expansionary appetite to improve in the long-term 
  • Flight to quality drives demand for future-proof buildings

Flight to green buildings

Key findings:

  • Occupiers want to increase green building usage and enhance portfolio agility
  • Strong demand for green buildings but few intend to pay a premium
  • Occupiers want to include more data sharing in green leases
  • Companies seek modification of lease terms to support future working styles

Workplace transformation

Key findings:

  • Shift to flexible seating continues but progress remains slow
  • De-densification is set to emerge as a key trend
  • Higher desk sharing ratios are here to stay
  • Human behaviour remains the major obstacle to workplace transformation

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