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All Samsung Products to be Connected Devices by 2020

By on Sep 03, 2015 in Property News, Residential

S Korean Giant to Make Smart-Home Solutions Available To All As IOT, Convergence and Connectivity Dictate Pace of Change


In the digital era, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart devices and smart-home solutions will increasingly be used to improve people’s quality of life, comfort and convenience, and this is a field in which electronics and appliances giant Samsung is determined to continue to be a major player.

The South Korean company aims to make its smart-home solutions available to everyone, with a target that all Samsung products will be connected devices by the year 2020.

Information technology and IoT are now becoming increasingly important for consumers in the digital era, said Joe Chan, vice president for Enterprise Business at Samsung Electronics’ regional head office in Singapore.

Frost & Sullivan has reported that the emerging technologies set to be mega-trends that will define the future world and the ever-increasing pace of change, and positively impact people’s quality of life, are connectivity and convergence.

In 2020, the company predicts there will be 80 billion connected devices globally. There will be 5 billion Internet users by 2020, or over 60 per cent of the world’s population.

Connectivity will also accelerate convergence, while other megatrends are urbanisation, social trends and home-centering, according to the market-research company.

As to urbanisation, there will be a continued push into cities, creating mega-cities, mega-regions, mega-corridors and mega-slums.

Meanwhile, social trends are also significant for daily life, given the world’s overall ageing population,geo-socialisation, and women continuing to grow in importance and reversing the brain drain.

Home-centering, which makes the home the centre and not the office, and whereby the home is the distribution point, means more services will be targeted for home delivery and technology will be shaped according to customer- and usercentric approaches, said Frost &Sullivan.

Home-centering technology will also be able to understand users, help users and facilitate users to facilitate and improve their quality of life.

To support this technology,Samsung’s strategy is to cover smarthome evolution via its smart devices, applications – and its solution platform, Samsung Smart Home.

Derrick Lau, regional head of Property, Enterprise Business at Samsung Electronics regional head office, said the company had started in the second half of this year to provide a smart-appliance portfolio, enabling products across all major categories.

It now has eight product categories supporting the smart-home concept, such as printers, air-conditioners, microwave ovens and tele-vision sets.

The giant expects that in 2020 it will have developed all of its products categories to support IoT or be smart appliances, he added.

Lau said the beauty of Samsung Smart Home was that it created convenience for a new lifestyle and experience, security that utilised a homesurveillance system and smart TVs to display any detected suspicious ac tivity.

Moreover, it is designed to maintain the health of everyone in the home, such as via the Early Sense application, which monitors heartbeat, respiration rate and the movement of elderly people while they are sleeping.

Prototype project

The company has developed a Samsung Smart Home prototype residential project in Singapore, which simulates typical living conditions of Singaporean households.

The showcase exemplifies the lifestyle of modern-day people, and emerges as the solution providing features for home monitoring and alerts for occurrences such as a fall or blackout of an elderly person, as well as surveillance and warnings for open-close status of doors and windows, or even control via an electronic system of a child’s bedroom, he explained.

Monton Mungkornkarn, director of Enterprise Business at Thai Samsung Electronics, said that in Thailand, the company was now in partnership with Ananda Development in the property firm’s Q31 pilot project, in order to introduce its smart home to the local market.

The project is expected to be announced to the consumer market next year, he said.

Source: The Nation – 3 September 2015

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