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Bangkok Developer Fights 2nd Halt to Condo Construction

By on Jun 14, 2016 in Property News, Residential

A Bangkok developer and local residents are at logger heads again, this time over a residential project on Sukhumvit 31 called The Circle. This project is a 29 storey condominium project and is managed by Fragrant Property Plc. The disagreement is over a lack of safety procedures and has meant the circle- sukhumvit 31construction already being halted twice.

A group of residents is being led by one of the residents Nutpimpha Nashida. Ms Nashida claimed the developers had been lax in providing safety measures and that construction work posed a risk to residents and their properties.  The noise and vibration from the construction work had also affected their health. The authorities agreed and work was stopped for 10 months so that residents’ concerns could be reviewed. Now work has been halted again after developers allegedly failed to comply with safety requirements.

the circle- sukhumvit 31 -52One of the residents claims the intensity of the ground shaking has caused cracks in her apartment walls and land subsidence. The rate of subsidence has increased over the past 2 years with an independent engineering consultancy firm confirming land in the area has subsided by 12.75mm.

Some of the safety measures being  demanded include building a retaining system for a deep evacuation sheet pile wall to provide structural resistance, checking on construction work effects on other buildings, ensuring all work strictly follows Environmental Impact Assessment guidelines, ensuring construction work stops before 5 pm each day and ultimately compensating people affected by construction work.

the circle- sukhumvit 31 -53Fragrant Property Plc’s executive vice president, Sathit Taothong, said Fragrant had responded quickly to the first suspension order. “We met district officials and discussed possible resolutions to ease residents’ troubles, Mr Sathit said.  He defended their position including EIA requirements and the firm’s preventative measures against construction damage. Particle filtering devices and noise detectors have been installed to detect the volume of particles in the air and sound intensity, car wash facilities have been installed and construction work times formally put in place. “We paid about 3 million THB to repair a building, not to mention monthly compensation costs of 16,000 THB to the owners of buildings who have been affected,” Mr Sathit said.

Mr Sathit appealed to residents to reach a compromise, saying if construction is allowed to resume, the expected completion date should be in September 2018.

Source: Bangkok Post, 11th June 2016
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