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Bangkok Office Developments – Hubba Wins Venture Capital

By on Nov 04, 2015 in Office

Bangkok office space is set to change. Hubba Thailand, a Bangkok-based provider of co-working space services has secured almost $1 million in financing from 3 venture capital firms and 7 angel investors.

C0-founder, Amarit Charoenphan  said the money would be used to build a new co-working space facility to be called Hubbato. Hubba Thailand is working with with the real estate developer Sansiri Plc. Hubbato will be in Habito community mall on Sukhumvit Road and is looking to provide a workplace for new creative design entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Hubba already has a presence in Laos and is researching other Asean member countries.

The tax incentives now in place are expected to result in an increase to the number of local venture capital funds.

Source: Bangkok Post, 22 October 2015
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