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By on Dec 21, 2009 in Property News

Is video the new photo in marketing your villa?

Not yet, says a new report from Welcomemat BUT the use of video by real estate professionals and companies is up 95% in the first half of 2009 relative to the same time period in 2008 indicating a clear long term direction.Property Marketing

Video: What product are you selling?

There was a stage when video was for the property buyer however recent research indicates that whilst its primary objective is for the buyer actually it is proving extremely beneficial in winning over listings from other real estate agents.

Your agents brand is the product being sold within real estate videos indicates the report.

Real estate video has proven to be beneficial to all parties involved: buyers love visiting properties before showing up in person especially properties that are not easily accessible e.g. holiday home purchases.

The Classic Question:
Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro?
In the survey 60% of videos were “home produced” it would appear due in part to technological advances. CBRE when producing its 360 degree views felt that the visitors and customers reviewing the villas and apartments listings specifically for holiday rental and for Phuket villa sales were very upmarket, consequently they opted for getting all the 360 degree viewings done professionally. CBRE also sell a large number of Bangkok Condos off plan and has found that computer renderings of the condominiums has proven to be a very useful tool in providing realistic flythroughs.

Is the goal of a video to win new business, to serve buyers/renters or both?

The aim of the CBRE programme is to enable vistors to review the properties in some detail prior to their holiday or property visit, it is not easy to purchase a holiday property or a holiday by trusting a small number of thumbnail images. In the survey the statistics indicated that video was used as tool to assist buyers with viewings, at least initially.

Conclusion Videos haven’t yet replaced photos in real estate marketing, but the numbers clearly tell the story of the real estate industry’s intent on utilizing video to strengthen their brand by improving the consumer experience.

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