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Thailand Industry News – Sodexo Projects 11% Growth

By on May 18, 2015 in Property News

Bangkok Industry 2015-05-12_123856For Sodexo Thailand, their position in Thailand industry is strong and growing. They are expecting their food and facility management services to grow, with 2 billion Thai baht projected this financial year providing just over 11% growth from the previous financial year.

The belief is this growth is a result of recent local political stability and a new growth in tourism. “In general, the Thai economy has been picking up since late last year, and this is benefiting many businesses including Sodexo,” said Arnaud Bialecki, Sodexo Country Manager.  He also said he believes the Thai economy still has a long way to go to fully recover with the recovery now slowing in the second quarter.

Sodexo Thailand has 3 main business areas – food supply, technical services for buildings and facilities and non-technical services such as maids, security and gardening. As soon as tourism started recovering their their food supply business started recovering too. The return of medical tourists has also helped financial growth. One of their largest clients is Holiday Inn Express hotels.

Sodexo in Thailand is hoping to expand its services to the industrial sector by providing machinery maintenance for factories and site support for offshore oil, gas and mining operations.

In Thailand Sodexo employs approximately 2,500 staff. They are hoping this will rise to 2,800 by the end of the year. By working in more than 80 countries Sodexo are in a great position for working with multinational companies to provide services across their organisation. This summer Sodexo will start providing facilities management for Procter & Gamble in Thailand and are hoping to extend the relationship with Procter & Gamble in other countries and convince other clients to look at them too.

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