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Thailand Property Embracing Green Technology

By on Nov 14, 2014 in Property News
2014-11-18_102511Green technology is an essential part of any new building. Ananda have incorporated a number of new green technologies in their recently launched buildings.

They consist of using better design to reduce the energy use of the building in ways that don’t require the installation of equipment that could break down or materials that need maintenance and replacement.
One of the examples is simply designing for better airflow. Modern building design came initially from Europe, North America and Japan, all of which have climates considerably cooler than ours that required sealed buildings for heating in winter.

Modern computer simulations allow us to model for very different airflow requirements in very different forms of buildings in a very different climate. These include five-storey-high common areas situated high up the building, which as well as being striking and useful as parts of the building are actually designed the way they are and situated where they are as part of the overall passive airflow management of the building.

There’s no evidence yet that Thai consumers are willing to pay a premium for green technology. Developers that ignore this new reality and stick to traditional technologies and designs are doing their customers and their society a disservice.

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