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Ekkamai: The New Thonglor?

By on Aug 29, 2018 in Featured, Property News

The new thonglor

Soi 63 seems to be stepping out of the shadow of its better-known neighbouring district.

It looks like 2018 will be the year that Ekkamai draws level with, or even upstages Thonglor (Soi 55) as the hottest neighbourhood along Sukhumvit.

Ekkamai runs parallel to Thong Lo and, to an extent, the two areas have long fused, giving rise to cohesive commercial activities flowing from Thong Lo into Ekkamai and vice-versa.

Critical mass has been achieved in the range of vibrant leisure options in Ekkamai and it is also becoming a residential hotspot appealing to trendies formerly mostly associated with Thonglor.

The intersection of Sukhumvit Soi 63 and the main Sukhumvit Road, in particular, now presents a diverse array of establishments, all in close proximity to Ekkamai BTS station.

It helps that the Sukhumvit central business district is only a few stops from the station. Moreover, the Eastern Bus Terminal, located on the intersection of Ekkamai and Sukhumvit, connects to several Eastern Seaboard destinations, including Pattaya and Rayong.

Ekkamai is centainly similar to Thonglor in many ways but is differentiated from its neighbour by its unique living atmosphere. Still featuring large trees, the area is less commercial than Thonglor and exudes a more peaceful and serene residential vibe.

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Source: Bangkok Post – 28 August 2018

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