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Top 10 Thai Start-Ups

By on Dec 16, 2015 in Property News

Life looks at some of the best tech companies to come out of the company 2015

This year has been the year of the Thai start-ups, with the number of companies jumping from 300 in 2014 to over 2,500 in 2015.

Support in the form of incubation programmes set up by telecom operators has contributed to the success of Thai start-up businesses, enabling those who received funds to accelerate and take off faster.

Although there is currently no unicorn (start-up whose company’s valuation is worth over US$1 billion) in Thailand, there is expected to be one by 2020. Also in 2016, more new players are expected to hop on the bandwagon, including companies for financial technology, e-commerce, travel technology, logistic and real estate.

Here’s the list of top ten Thai start-ups that have proven successful this year.

Maker Zoo

Maker Zoo is a start-up that uses a 3D printer to inspire people to create products.

Maker Zoo was founded with the objective of convincing people about 3D printing’s accessibility. As the price of 3D printers has been coming down, it has attracted more users looking for ways to create products.

The target group of “makers” is anyone who wants to create an object. The 3D printer allows an infinite number of designs to be made. It is perfect for making prototypes of objects, before they are later mass produced. It is also perfect for creating one or a few copies of a particular item.

Maker Zoo focuses on providing knowledge, tools and skills in product development. The company is trying to raise awareness of “makers” in Thai society with activities including 3D printer workshops and social projects, such as making artificial limbs for people with disabilities.


SocialGiverSocialGiver is a new sharing program to allow people to “shop” and “help” society at the same time. The plan is to contact various businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and other sectors to give back to society by offering vouchers and services for the public to buy. The money generated will then be donated to a charity of the consumer’s choice.

The website so far has funded 16 projects and there is another charity campaign in the first quarter of next year.

SocialGiver was announced the winner at the Sintel Group-Samsung Regional Mobile App Challenge, staged earlier this month in Indonesia, receiving S$10,000 (250,000 baht) and an opportunity to have the app services in 23 countries worldwide.


AcommerceaCommerce is a full-service e-commerce solutions provider, which was the first Thai start-up to break records for Series A funding in Southeast Asia with a targeted deal size for Series B of $30 million. (Series B is the funding necessary to get founder liquidity and build headquarters).

aCommerce is on a mission to break the logistics bottleneck of Southeast Asia. Founded in June 2013, aCommerce has offices and distribution centres in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. The company provides end-to-end e-commerce solutions to bring brands and retailers into online retail, including performance marketing, channel management, platform design and development, content production, order fulfilment and warehousing, delivery and logistics, customer service and call centres.

aCommerce recently signed a strategic partnership with DKSH, a Swiss-based market expansion service provider, that involves an eight-figure investment for a minority stake and access to DKSH clients and infrastructure across the region.

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Source: Bangkok – 16 December 2015

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