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Workspace Provider Taps Demand for Flexibility

By on Feb 16, 2018 in Office

Thai workers are seeking more flexibility in the workplace in order to achieve a better work-life balance, according to a recent study by Amsterdam-based creative workspace pioneer Spaces.

The study, which interviewed over 100 business people across Thailand to better understand the drivers behind the rising demand for workplace flexibility, found that more than half (58 per cent) of those surveyed said they expected the demand for flexibility to continue to grow throughout 2018.

Other findings included a substantial increase in numbers of consultants (27 per cent) and freelancers (31 per cent) working within a variety of industries, with one in five business people stating they had noticed a surge in part-time workers in the past year.

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Reasons for the increase range from workers simply wishing to achieve a better work-life balance, and spending more time with loved ones or in leisure activities, to mothers returning to work, whilst juggling the demands of their family. About 7 per cent of participants also said they had observed an increase in workers continuing to work beyond pensionable age.

“This distinct shift in Thai working habits can be largely attributed to the changing needs of the global workforce,” said Noelle Coak, country head (Thailand, Taiwan, Korea) for Spaces.

“More business people have increasing expectations of greater freedom and flexibility, which is certainly a contributing factor to the popularity of flexibility in working,” said Noelle Coak, country head (Thailand, Taiwan, Korea), Spaces.

“Every generation seeks a healthy work-life balance, but it’s Thai millennials who most demand it from their employers. In today’s employee market, creating work-life balance for millennials is a compelling competitive advantage, which has resulted in a greater demand for co-working spaces like Spaces Summer Hill,” added Coak.

Set to open on the third floor of Bangkok’s newest retail hub, Summer Hill, in March, Spaces Summer Hill is equipped with a variety of workspaces, from private offices to flexible co-working areas, and meeting rooms for business presentations or workshops, and is ideal for those seeking an optimal work-life balance.

As it is near BTS Phra Khanong and contains a mixture of residential and office buildings, Summer Hill’s location, open-plan design and open space “make it the perfect environment for city workers to feel inspired, and get their creative juices flowing”, Coak said.

“The millennial generation are accustomed to being connected all the time, so it is not surprising that they are increasingly looking for more inspiring options when working, such as business lounges, co-working spaces, short term offices or drop-in centres,” Coak said.

“Worker demand is changing and it is up to Thai businesses to evolve with their changing workforce.

“Spaces not only provides a lifestyle-driven professional working environment, but the availability of branches worldwide is also a key driving factor that corresponds to the demand of millennials.

“Recently, Spaces has announced plans to open its 100th location, with two new branches in the heart of Hong Kong, scheduled for completion in mid-2018.”

Source: The Nation – 15 February 2018

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