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Consolidate and Improve Office Environment

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Project Details

Client Represented:Tech & Transportation Company
Location: Bangkok, Thailand  
Topline: Providing a future-proof strategy with activity-based workplace for the fast-growing headcount



  • Facing space constraints in their office, the client had an opportunity to evaluate their existing occupancy and goals of becoming more efficient while also creating a great place to work and for their employees to be happy.
  • Consolidate and improve office environment and introduce activity-based workplace (ABW) solutions to all employees.
  • Provide future-proof strategy and design to support future business expansion and headcount growth.


  • Develop survey activities to gather qualitative information and requirements from staffs.
  • Leadership engagement to ensure buy-in
  • Focus group and design workshop to dive deep and get better understanding of specific requirements
  • Provide communication and support project team when interacting with employees.


  • 23% increase in space with ABW concept with ability to accommodate a 10% increase in the future headcount

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