Case Study

Global Logistic Provider



Project Details

Client Represented: Global Logistic Provider
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Topline: Negotiated new long-term lease on an existing facility with a 20% reduction in rental


We were approached by a Global Logistic company who had leased their main logistic facility to the north of Bangkok. The owner of the facility planned to dispose of the property, and we were instructed to negotiate new and improved rental terms with the new owner of the property. The new lease with the tenant was critical for parties interested in acquiring the property, as without a guaranteed new long term lease with the client then their desire to acquire the property would be greatly reduced.

Key Issues to Consider

  • There were multiple parties interested in acquiring the property which meant negotiating with multiple parties simultaneously
  • Numerous transactions and agreements needed to be concluded back to back to ensure all parties concluded the transaction as needed
  • We were tasked with driving the rental as low as possible whilst retaining as much flexibility with the lease as possible
  • There was very limited transaction data to rely on which meant negotiating rental levels lower challenging

How CBRE Created an Advantage

  • CBRE recognized that our client was key to the successful sale of the property for the landlord and investors which allowed strong negotiation
  • CBRE retained a number of interested bidders engaged until the later stages to ensure competitiveness and drive commercial advantage.
  • New long term lease was signed and registered within the desired timeline.


CBRE’S negations on the final new long term resulted in 20% reduction in rental amount.

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