Case Study

Increase Productivity of Employees and Workplace

Workplace Solutions


Project Details

Client Represented: Financial Institute
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Topline: Developing workplace strategy across the portfolio in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia


  • The client intended to develop a workplace strategy and implement activity-based working across its portfolio in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.
  • The client expected to increase the productivity of its employees and the workplace to achieve associated benefits.
  • Their portfolio in Bangkok covers over 30,000 sq.m. impacting a headcount of 3,000.


  • Optimise space usage: from dedicated seating to flexible seating
  • Workplace that offers “choices”
  • Support technology strategy
  • Increase collaboration
  • Cost savings
  • Accommodate future headcount changes


  • 29% optimisation opportunity
  • The majority of leaders support high performance workplace concept

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