Case Study

Reduce Real Estate Footprint with Consolidation Strategy

Workplace Strategy


Project Details

Client Represented: Insurance Company
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Topline: Finding the right solutions for the two consolidated businesses which have different entities and cultures


  • The client wished to reduce its real estate footprint by implementing a consolidation strategy.
  • In consolidating 2 locations together, the company aimed to increase employee collaboration, increase productivity, and reduce commute times of staff when travelling between 2 offices.
  • The client’s biggest challenge was blending employee cultures from 2 different locations (company resulted from a merger between 2 different entities).
  • The portfolio in Bangkok covers over 10,000 sq.m. impacting a headcount of 1,000.


  • Space utilisation study to determine suitable space requirement and desking ratios
  • Commute analysis and location study
  • Deep dive to understand leadership vision, company culture, and challenges they are facing


  • 25% reduction from current footprint
  • Selection of most appropriate location based on commute analysis
  • As a result of the research activities, the client became interested in developing long-term opportunities for flexible working thus planned to implement activity-based workplace (ABW) solutions in their future office location

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