Case Study

Improve Space Efficiency and Collaboration

Workplace Strategy


Project Details

Client Represented: Advertising Agency
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Topline: Providing the full spectrum of Workplace Strategy services


  • The client intended to consolidate its affiliate companies to improve space efficiency and collaboration.
  • The client questioned the possibility of decreasing utilisation by 50% for which they sought advice from a workplace consultant.
  • The client wished to study the appetite for vs. ability of remote working in the future.
  • Each of the client’s companies has its own characteristics, culture, and requirements - and they intend to keep their uniqueness while still representing one company.
  • The portfolio in Bangkok covers over 10,000 sq.m. impacting a headcount of 900.


  • Optimise space usage
  • Workplace that offers collaboration and inspiration
  • Support technology strategy
  • Cost savings
  • A robust change management program to increase awareness and acceptance of the future ‘Work from Anywhere’ strategy


  • No more leakage.
  • 37% reduction when implementing activity-based workplace (ABW) solutions with consolidation plan
  • The client is in the process of evaluating the impact of the strategy on its portfolio and project timeline with plans to implement at key sites to increase efficiency and utilisation while providing a leading workplace experience for their employees.

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