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A Home That Tells Your Story

October 19, 2022


With our many years’ experience in the real estate sector, where we continually strive to understand our clients’ ever-evolving needs in a house, condominium, apartment, among many others, what our clients ultimately desire are homes that reflect who they truly are. They want living areas that encapsulate their unique lifestyles and personalities as well as showcase their passion and hobbies – a home that tells their uniquely individual stories. Here are some examples of rooms in a home our clients have specifically requested.

Photo source: Poosh

1. Dish Rooms

Food is at the heart of Thai culture and while dishware has a practical function, it also complements all the colors of the rainbow in Thai food. It is no surprise more and more of our clients have expressed their need for dish rooms. They want more space for their collection of dishware, glassware, silverware and fine china. With more time spent at home and the need to master cooking skills, our customers seek to elevate the home-dining experience.

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2. Large Walk-in Closets

Thais love shopping and are very fashion-forward. Likewise, our clients have expressed their requirement for large walk-in closets. Fashion goes beyond clothing, it is art. In fact, for many of our clients, this is the most important space in a home. They want a myriad of storage options to display their wearable art, i.e., shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories and they want all these to be found all at the same room along with good lighting and full-length mirrors.

3. Wine Storage

Wine culture is growing in Thailand. Perhaps because food and wine make the best pairing for many, we have also been receiving more inquiries about at-home wine storage options. Many of our clients love to travel and some habitually bring back wines from their favorite vineyards overseas. This is a top priority for many of our clients who are wine enthusiasts.

Photo source: Home Design Lover

4. Game Room

As the old adage goes, “taking breaks can lead to breakthroughs.” Studies show taking breaks gives our mind and body much-needed time to rest and relax. Many of our clients have requested a room dedicated to playing games when they take micro-breaks during the day, which also allows their families to spend quality time doing enjoyable activities together and provides space for entertaining guests.

5. Home Library

Reading is important. It can enhance one’s imagination and creativity, and many love to seek knowledge through the written word. Our clients have expressed the need to have home libraries where they can store treasured books and spend some time to curl up with a good book. This can also double as a “Zoom” room, where our clients can switch on webcams and attend virtual meetings while keeping other rooms in their homes private.

Some might argue that a house is just bricks and mortar—we wouldn’t necessarily disagree. Just like the bathroom tiles you choose or coffee maker that sits in your kitchen, know that every choice you make says something about who you are. All of these things are just personal touches of a different kind, and it’s the personal touches that make a house a home.