Bangkok’s Most Tranquil Parks

July 24, 2023


Bangkok is best known for its bustling streets, vibrant nightlife, and busy crowds. However, it also boasts a number of tranquil parks that offer a peaceful refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city. These parks are perfect for anyone looking to relax, enjoy nature, and take in some fresh air. Whether you’re a tourist with tired feet after a day exploring the city’s attractions or a local looking for somewhere new to enjoy a picnic, this article will walk you through the best of Bangkok’s green oases.

Benjakitti Park

Benjakitti Park is an ideal place to unwind as it is located just a short walk from buzzing Sukhumvit. In addition to an impressive collection of plants such as orchids and bonsai trees, which makes it a great spot for nature lovers, it also features a jogging track, elevated walkway, playground, outdoor amphitheater, and a large lake where visitors can rent paddle boats. There are plenty of grassy knolls ideal for resting, picnicking, or simply taking a moment to marvel at the park’s unique ability to combine unique natural features and an awe-inspiring urban skyline.


Saranrom Royal Garden

Anyone spending time in the vicinity of the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo will know how busy the area can get, but what most people don’t know is that there is a beautiful public park nearby with plenty of trees, flowerbeds, gardens, benches, and gazebos, making it the perfect place to recharge. Opened during the reign of King Rama IV, the park was initially only for royal use, but in 1960 King Rama IX opened the park to the public. There is also a memorial to a tragic boat accident in 1880, when a royal barge capsized. 


Chatuchak Park

Chatuchak Park is next to one of Bangkok’s busiest attractions, Chatuchak Weekend Market, meaning it is ideally located for a quick break if the shopping gets too much! Its location means the park can get busy, but it is large enough that tranquil pockets can be found almost everywhere. Beyond its handsome walking trails, playground, and lake (with paddle boats for rent), the park also offers the chance to lay down a bamboo mat and sample from the wide range of street food on offer at the northern and southern ends of the park.


Lumphini Park

It would be impossible to create a list of Bangkok parks without including the emperor of them all: Lumphini Park. The closest equivalent Bangkok has to New York’s Central Park, this vast urban escape includes immaculately tended green areas, a large lake, wooded areas, and walking paths. In addition to being popular with joggers and people doing Tai Chi, the park is home to hundreds of monitor lizards so big you’ll think you’ve accidentally stumbled into Jurassic Park!


Princess Mother Memorial Park

Princess Mother Memorial Park, also known as Suan Somdet Ya, is a public park dedicated to the memory of King Rama IX’s mother, the late Princess Srinagarindra. In addition to its many gardens, featuring atmospheric touches such as sprawling tree roots on walls reminiscent of the ruins at Ayutthaya, the park has a faithful reproduction of the house the Princess Mother grew up in and photographs and other mementos that once belonged to her. An excellent option for anyone seeking a bit of culture as they relax.

Image attribution: By Hdamm

The above parks are just a taste of what Bangkok has to offer when it comes to tranquil havens in the city. While Bangkok may not yet have as many green spaces as other major world cities, we think you’ll agree that the quality of these parks more than makes up for the lack of quantity.