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Designing The Perfect Middle Ground

December 16, 2022

Designing The Perfect Middle Ground

Designing shared, multi-functional space often comes down to compromise, and in some cases that means no one getting exactly what they want or need. Let’s see how design and innovation are helping reach the perfect middle ground.

1. Kids’ Bedroom, Playroom and “Studyspace”

Designing The Perfect Middle Ground

Source: Decoist - Smart Solutions: 25 Kids’ Study Rooms and Spaces that Beat Boredom

Virtual learning and Zoom classes for kids are relevant now, but as they may not be in the future, it is probably not wise to include a classroom as part of the floor plan at home. CBRE is focused on temporary design and innovation solutions that are making homes more functional now, but can also work for some other function in the future to accommodate the ever-changing needs of a family. Remember, it is important that we learn and recalibrate our needs as we go along.

2. Not-Your-Ordinary Laundry Room

Designing The Perfect Middle Ground

Source: Mydomaine - 25 Small Laundry Room Ideas That Still Make Space for Style

While laundry rooms are often not the most inviting rooms in the house, they can still function as a great space for various activities. Turn your laundry room into to a family hideaway by concealing front-loading washers and dryers behind cupboard doors as well as adding well-chosen furniture with design elements, such as color and texture, and maybe even a television. Do not let your home size limit its potential use.

3. Dead Space to Office Space

Designing The Perfect Middle Ground

Source: Neville Johnson - Under Stairs Office

The space underneath the stairs is sometimes underused (unless you are Harry Potter), but it may be a good place where to have your home office “nook”. As some people find it challenging to be productive on a couch, it would be a great idea to carve out small space, like that little triangle underneath the stairs, and make it your own work nook. There should still be plenty of space for additional storage even with a desk. Or, it could also be a reading corner and mini-library. Just throw in good light installations and comfortable chair before you “get lost between the pages of a good book”.

4. Garages: The Unsung Hero of Homes

Designing The Perfect Middle Ground

Source: Real Home - 33 garage storage ideas to create a place for everything

Unlike bedrooms, kitchens and most other rooms in a home, garages are often a secondary consideration even though they commonly have a vast amount of potential. Garages offer a heap of flexibility in maximizing storage as you can use the floor, walls and – with the help of experienced professionals - even the ceiling. If you want to maximize storage space, you will have to think vertically. There is no rule against soaking up garage space, perhaps that is why there are more and more garage conversions into living space, kids’ playrooms and “man caves”.

We think you’ll agree that the examples above show that an ideal middle ground is readily available for those with a little imagination.