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Get a Feel of the World’s Most Visited Cities in Bangkok

November 21, 2022

Get a Feel of the World’s Most Visited Cities in Bangkok - CBRE Thailand

Travel is the best teacher. It helps you step out of your comfort zone and build resilience, opens your mind to and appreciate other cultures as well as your own, and inspires creativity. But, if you are currently choosing to delay travel plans, you can always have a feel of some of the world’s most visited cities: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Tokyo, Paris, New York and London – all just a train or car ride away for a dreamy way to relax.

Bangkok is, in fact, the most visited city in the world; whether you travel to take memorable photos, marvel at architectural structures and interior design or solely for food, we have rounded up some local spots to give you a pseudo-international-travel adventure to remedy your itchy feet.

For those who travel for food:

1. Get a feel of Kuala Lumpur at Makan Makan

Get a Feel of the World’s Most Visited Cities in Bangkok - Makan Makan
Photo source: Makan Makan

Malaysia offers a number of remarkable treasures and hidden gems. The country’s slogan “Malaysia, truly Asia,” sums up its unique diversity and allure. For a gastronomic experience of Malaysia or Kuala Lumpur, the capital city, check out Makan Makan in soi Sukhumvit 16. The word ‘makan’ translates to ‘eat’ and ‘makan makan’ means ‘let’s go eat.’ It is a family-managed restaurant whose food has a European twist on traditional Malay cuisine.

2. Get a feel of Singapore at Eats Payao

Get a Feel of the World’s Most Visited Cities in Bangkok - Eats Payao
Photo source: Eats Payao & Sampan Bar

Eats Payao is the brainchild of husband-and-wife restaurateurs from Singapore and Thailand, and it serves northern Thai cuisine from the Payao province and Singaporean delicacies, such as Bah Kuh Teh and Singapore's national dish, Hainanese Chicken Rice. If you miss the Lion City and enjoy food that leans towards the spicy side, take a ride to this food place at Yen Akart soi 2.

For the real estate and architecture afficionados:

3. Get a feel of Tokyo at The MARQ Exquisite Ratchapruek – Charunsanitwong

Get a Feel of the World’s Most Visited Cities in Bangkok - CBRE Thailand
Photo source: The MARQ Exquisite Ratchapruek – Charunsanitwong

Japan is a country known for its culinary delights and traditional arts. If you miss the Land of the Rising Sun, specifically its capital city, Tokyo, you may want to visit The MARQ Exquisite Ratchapruek – Charunsanitwong for a property tour. It is a housing project located on Phran Nok-Phutthamonthon Sai 4 road. While the architecture and design concept is not exactly Japanese, it is the first-ever residence in Thailand applied with the world-famous KonMari Method, invented by Tokyo native Marie Kondo. The KonMari Method has many influences from Shintoism, a religion of Japan. Get a feel of Tokyo while also getting inspiration about how to organize your home and, ultimately, transform your life.

4. Get a feel of Paris at MUNIQ Langsuan Show House

Get a Feel of the World’s Most Visited Cities in Bangkok - MUNIQ Langsuan
Photo source: MUNIQ Langsuan

If binge watching Netflix’s Emily in Paris has you saying “bonjour” to the City of Love, put on a striped shirt and beret then head on to MUNIQ Langsuan for a show suite viewing. MUNIQ Langsuan is a luxury freehold high-rise condominium for sale in the sought-after Langsuan area. With the “Live Your Everlasting Romance” design concept, the project’s charm is decidedly romantic and appeals to the senses. Its show suite takes inspiration from Parisian style with an emphasis on simplicity and modernity. Get a chic experience without having to travel to Paris.

5. Get a feel of New York at Two Ekkamai

Get a Feel of the World’s Most Visited Cities in Bangkok - Two Ekkamai
Photo source: Two Ekkamai

Frank Sinatra once sang, “I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps.” If sleepless nights has you thinking about New York, visit the sales gallery of Two Ekkamai. It is a residential project located in the Ekkamai area on a quiet alley, Ekkamai 10 Yak 6. Two Ekkamai is a project inspired by structures on New York city’s upper west side. The project exhibits an exterior of powerful yet inviting simplicity with floor plans designed with exquisite attention to both harmonious proportions and modern living. As the residences are semi-customized, they currently have perspective drawings and layouts that future owners can design according to their personal taste, needs and preferences.

For the travel photographer:

6. Get a feel of London at Starbucks (The Davis Bangkok Hotel branch)

Get a Feel of the World’s Most Visited Cities in Bangkok - The Davis Bangkok Hotel
Photo source: The Davis Bangkok Hotel

In the mood for Londonesque photos to spruce up your Instagram grid? This Starbucks outlet in The Davis Hotel Bangkok looks like it’s located in the English capital. The hotel’s exterior with European-style engravings and tall windows gives a London feel. There’s even a telephone box! With a rich history, every kind of museum and gallery imaginable, abundance of parks and gardens, numerous retail districts and specialty stores, there are many reasons to visit this London.

In a city like Bangkok, or any other great metropolis, it doesn’t take a lot of money to enjoy a little sampler of what the rest of the world has to offer.