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How to Make the Post-COVID-19 Office a Happier Place

January 11, 2023

How to Make the Post-COVID-19 Office a Happier Place - CBRE

The worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is now behind us. It should go without saying that the world has changed immeasurably since the pandemic, but so have our ways of working. Millions of workers around the world—including Thailand—have returned to a physical workplace after two years of working from home. Here are some certain insights that we wish to share so that you can create a happier workplace—for you and your colleagues.

1. Get to know your colleagues better!


One of the toughest things for people during the pandemic was dealing with loneliness. In some places, people were locked down for months, with barely any chance to interact with their friends and family. Now that offices are open again, make the most of being surrounded by people. Humans are social creatures and need regular interactions with other people to stay happy. Linger at the water cooler to chat about that new TV show on Netflix. If your office has a co-working space, take advantage of it so you can mix with colleagues.

2. Be more flexible about your work hours

How to Make the Post-COVID-19 Office a Happier Place - CBRE

One of the most popular features of working from home was that it allowed people to be a little more flexible about their office hours. If your company policy allows for flexible office hours, consider a start time and finish time that makes you most productive.

3. Maintain the work habits you developed while working from home

How to Make the Post-COVID-19 Office a Happier Place - CBRE

It was very common during the early days of the pandemic to read articles telling people to make sure they get enough fresh air, go for a walk, stretch, and to otherwise take a break from work occasionally. But as soon as everyone went back to the office this advice was often forgotten, and people went back to their old ways of working, hunched over their desks all day. Don’t do this! Taking a breather or spending a few minutes a day on your posture will make you feel physically better and improve your mental health, too.

4. Take the lead in building team spirit

How to Make the Post-COVID-19 Office a Happier Place - CBRE

Workplaces are a little bit like families: they operate more smoothly when everyone gets along. After two years away from the office, it’s important to make everyone feel included—especially people who joined the company during the pandemic. There are many ways to improve team spirit. In terms of actual work, you can organize workshops that encourage collaboration. Make sure to praise colleagues and help them further by providing constructive feedback when appropriate. On the social side, why not organize social events that get everyone together in an informal way? This might involve a table quiz, or a game of bowling, or even a night of karaoke. Remember: a happy team is a productive team!