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TikTok’s Influence on Interior Design

July 15, 2022

Interior design

TikTok is a social media application that focuses on creativity and self-expression. Perhaps because of the all-encompassing nature of the real estate business, CBRE has witnessed the rise and influence of TikTok on home and interior design.

Let’s explore some of these popular TikTok interior design trends and take a cue from Gen Z to improve the aesthetic appeal of our homes to increase personal happiness.

1. Add a statement piece

Photo source: Architonic - Bloom Easy Armchair by Kenneth Cobonpue

Statement piece is also known to many as ‘conversation piece’, as its name suggests, it is a piece of furniture you add into your space to make it more interesting, attract attention and initiate thought or talk.

2. Add ‘texture’

Photo source: Teahub - Home Interior Texture Design

We have been seeing more and more tips on how to add ‘texture’ into your home space. According to, “texture refers to the use of furniture, textiles, objects and finishes in a range of materials that play off of one another to add both visual interest and tactile variation to room design”.

3. Backsplash ledges > traditional cabinetry

Photo source: mecc interiors inc.

The backsplash is the space that connects the cabinets and the countertop. According to TikTok, more people are foregoing traditional cabinets and opting for backsplash ledges or shelves.

4. You can never go wrong with black

Photo source: Detroit Free Press

In home design, adding black accents to a room is a trick interior designers use for impact. When done right, black accents is a classy way to highlight something fancy or note-worthy in your home space.

5. Embrace your inner “grandma”

Photo source: Architectural Digest - Sarah Winchester / Courtesy Erin Gates Design

The coastal grandmother trend is making waves not only in fashion but also in interior design; focusing on the latter, it translates to open kitchens, white accents, a mix of vintage pieces with newer ones, and lots of natural light.