Unique Accommodations in Thailand

April 28, 2023


Are you tired of the same old hotel experience? Look no further! Thailand is home to countless alternative accommodations that will add an exciting twist to your next vacation.

1. Channel your inner Tarzan or Jane and swing into the adventure of a lifetime with a stay in a treehouse hotel. These stunning accommodations provide a breathtaking immersive view of the natural surroundings, letting you reconnect with nature in a way traditional hotels cannot match. Treehouse accommodations in Thailand run the gamut from rustic to opulent. Rabeang Pasak Treehouse (pictured), for example, located in Chiang Mai, has hot water, but no air conditioning, and allows you to roast marshmallows over a communal fire. Keemala Phuket, on the other hand, offers a more upscale experience that you won’t easily forget. Go enjoy some cool jungle breezes and forget about the outside world for a while!

Rabeang Pasak Treehouse, Chiang Mai


2. Have you ever dreamed of drifting off to sleep while being lulled by the gentle sway of the water? Then let these gorgeous #floating hotels make your dreams come true. These accommodations, such as Plern Prai Raft House in Khao Sok National Park (pictured), offer guests a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Let your stress float off down the river while you enjoy unparalleled views and the sound of flowing water. Many of these floating accommodations feature private balconies overlooking the river, allowing you to take a refreshing dip whenever the urge strikes. Some others, like Z9 Resort in Kanchanaburi, provide canoes or kayaks for scenic, self-guided river trips.

Plern Prai Raft House in Khao Sok National Park


3. For travelers who are less keen on sleeping outdoors, conventional hotels with a twist can offer the best of both worlds. From hotels that resemble castles, like the Mövenpick Resort in Khao Yai, to those where every room feels like the set of an artsy photoshoot, like Chiang Mai’s MO Rooms (pictured), these quirky hotels offer fun and unique experiences while still providing the comfort of traditional accommodations. Relax and let the playful and #imaginative settings whisk you away, or take advantage of the scenery and make memories you’ll be talking about for years to come. 

Mo Rooms, Chiang Mai


4. Escape the hustle and bustle of city life with a peaceful #farmstay. Farm stays, by definition, are often located in more rural parts of Thailand, making them ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. These accommodations allow guests to immerse themselves in rural life, with some even offering the chance to help with farm chores, interact with animals and learn about local agriculture and sustainability practices. Kowit Farmstay (pictured), for example, located just outside of Chiang Mai, offers visitors a peek into farm life and provides stunning views of the surroundings. Farm stays are also an excellent way to discover nearby natural features. Harvest Moon Valley, for example, located in Chiang Mai, boasts waterfalls and hot springs just a hike away. When the connectivity of the modern world feels like too much, a farm stay may be just what your mind needs.

Kowit Farmstay (outside Chiang Mai)


5. For the environmentally conscious traveler, #ecoresorts provide a guilt-free way to indulge in luxury. These sustainable accommodations are designed to minimize their impact on the environment, incorporating features like solar power and rainwater harvesting or organic gardens. Koh Yao Noi’s The Hideout (pictured) is a plastic-free resort with no electricity or wi-fi, allowing you to truly unplug. The resort also supports the local community by providing guests with incentives such as a free drink in exchange for a bag of litter picked up. Faasai Resort and Spa, located in Chantaburi, also prioritizes the local community and environment, utilizing grey water and solar power for more eco-friendly operations. Relax and enjoy your vacation without having to worry about your carbon footprint.

The Hideout – Koh Yao Noi


6. Want to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort? #Glamping is the way to go. These accommodations provide many of the amenities of a traditional hotel room, like privacy and comfortable sleeping arrangements, with the added benefit of stunning views, crisp fresh air and the opportunity to get up close and personal with nature. Embrace your inner road-tripper and opt for a stay in one of Casa de Montana’s camper vans, or soak in the panoramic mountain views at The Campville Khao Kho (pictured). Pack your bags, and maybe a scarf, and get ready to experience the great outdoors in style!

The Campville Khao Kho (Phetchabun)


Thailand is home to a wide range of unique and memorable accommodations in beautiful settings. So, the next time you decide to get away, why not step out of your comfort zone and try something new? You might just discover your new favorite way to travel!