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Why Is It Worthwhile Investing in a High-Rise Campus Condo?

November 3, 2022

Condo for sale Bangkok - Common TU

Condominiums close to universities, sometimes known as "Campus Condos," are highly suitable for investments because demand within the market grows every year. The first thing people usually look for is a ROI (Return on Investment) worthy of the money they’ll put into the property; the payback period determines the annual percentage of ROI received as a yield. Given that real estate prices tend to rise over time, this applies to both buying for one’s own use as well as renting a property out to generate passive income.

Condo for sale Bangkok - Common TU

One project that has attracted considerable interest recently is Common TU, with the current buyer ratio a 60:40 split between use for own-living and investment, respectively. Renting a room out with help from the space management team brings with it a range of services to help maintain the property, monitor rents, and allow investors to feel at ease wherever they are, without having to worry about travel time to their homes. Common TU's 1-bedroom rental rate of 14,000–17,000 THB/month, or 5-6% per year, has meant many investors who once solely focused on the city have started paying more attention to condos close to universities.

Condo for sale Bangkok - Common TU

Condominiums near top institutions enjoy a constant stream of student and staff as tenants. Every year, tens of thousands of students enroll in classes, and almost everybody needs to locate themselves close to their places of work and study. Parents like the idea of buying a condo for their kids, as a place to live while they attend university. They might also be satisfied knowing that it can be rented out again easily after their children graduate.

Common TU is right next to Thammasat University, one of the largest institutions of higher education in the country. There are about 45,000 students enrolled in classes, and 9,000 students enter each year. The university’s many staff also seek condos for sale close to the campus. In other words, there is constant and persistent demand.

Condo for sale Bangkok - Common TU

For the convenience of investors, Common TU’s space management staff offer the following rental services:

  1. Rental management services
  2. Maintenance services
  3. Cleaning services
  4. Key keeping services
  5. Real-time rental status checking

Additionally, there are criteria for rented rooms:

  1. The space must be well prepared for rent, be fully furnished, and have the necessary electrical equipment
  2. The space must be nicely decorated
  3. The space must be offered at a reasonable price

Condo for sale Bangkok - Common TU

The Rangsit area will see much infrastructural development in the future, including the elevated tollway Rangsit-Bang Pa-in expansion and the SRT Dark Red line, both of which will make the area significantly more accessible. Major projects including Central Group, Future City, and Mega Rangsit are planned for an area of more than 1,466 rai, which will further enhance the quality of living and development in this area.

Common TU | A ready-to-move-in condo close to Thammasat University (Rangsit) for both own-living and investment.

  • Return on investment estimated yield of 5-6% per year
  • Consistent tenancy demand from more than 45,000 Thammasat University students
  • Provides investors with hassle-free services like rental management, maintenance, and cleaning to help manage rented spaces and monitor rents
  • Close to potential developments including SRT Dark Red Line, Mega Rangsit, the Central M, Future City

For more information please contact CBRE or call +66 95 993 9992

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