Year in Review: Top 5 CBRE Thailand Podcast Episodes of 2022

January 16, 2023


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The CBRE Thailand Podcast is a channel dedicated to exploring the latest trends and developments in real estate. Our team of top industry experts share their insightful and in-depth stories through fun and relatable conversations that can help you make sense of where the market is headed and how to make informed decisions as a buyer, seller, or investor. 2022 was a fascinating year for Thai real estate and the CBRE Thailand Podcast reflected that in its many outstanding episodes. Here are the top five most popular episodes of the year that CBRE has listed for you to listen now.
Podcast | Intelligent Investment

How to Invest in a Buy-to-let Condo and Make It Work | Open Floor EP. 14

Khun Theerathorn Prapunpong, Head of Residential Leasing at CBRE Thailand, gives advice on how to lease out a condominium to generate passive income in this episode of Open Floor in the CBRE Thailand Podcast.

Podcast | Intelligent Investment

Five Factors that Affect Land Prices | Open Floor EP.15

When determining the value of a piece of land, location is extremely important. But did you know there are several other factors that affect land prices? Khun Penthida Srisawang, Head of Valuation and Advisory at CBRE Thailand, shares this knowledge and more in this episode.
Podcast | Creating Resilience

Type of Retail Spaces and Retail Trend in 2022 | Open Floor EP. 13

To know more about the various types of retail space in Thailand, as well as market changes and key trends, join Khun Jariya Thumtrongkitkul, Head of Retail CBRE Thailand, in Open Floor from CBRE EP.13.
Podcast | Intelligent Investment

Why is the Luxury Single-detached House Market Still Growing Despite the Current Economic Situation? | Open Floor EP. 17

Demand for luxury single-detached houses is still growing despite the unpredictable economy. CBRE will share market insights from buyer needs to trends to watch.

Podcast | Creating Resilience

How to Choose the Right Location for Your Retail Business? | Open Floor EP.16

Are you planning to open a new store or expand into a new branch and still have questions about location? Khun Jariya Thumtrongkitkul, Head of Retail at CBRE Thailand, will share tips on choosing the right location to open a new retail business in this episode of Open Floor from CBRE.