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Our Research & Consulting offers insights into real estate trends, strategies & opportunities in Thailand to guide clients in achieving distinctive performance.


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With the scarcity of publicly available data on the property market in Thailand, the detailed databases CBRE has built up over 3 decades are therefore unparalleled and valuable insights. CBRE Research and Consulting team conducts in-depth surveys of all sectors on a regular basis, enabling us to offer insightful intelligence and the necessary outlook tools to accurately gauge the market from both a historical and forecasted basis.

The best and in-depth market data enables us to provide comprehensive property research advice and consulting. Our team provides real estate solutions, advising landowners, developers, investors, corporations, and public sector organizations in relation to all aspects of the Thai property market.

Working closely with other transaction services teams within CBRE, CBRE Research and Consulting team ensures that our clients can make informed business decisions based on actionable insights from the most sophisticated research and thought leadership platform.

Research Reports

CBRE offers thoughtful, forward-looking insight into real estate trends, strategies and opportunities in Thailand to guide our clients in achieving distinctive and substantial performance.

Location Analysis

CBRE provides an overview of the location and a critique of the development site in terms of surrounding areas, accessibility, and related planning regulations.

Market Studies

CBRE conducts market surveys for any property market sectors in Thailand and provide details of supply, demand, price, rents and outlook how the market will be in the future.

Development Recommendations

CBRE provides a recommendation on the highest and best use scenarios of the development site that reflect the market conditions and the potential to attract buyers and/or tenants.

Feasibility Studies

CBRE performs a feasibility study which will show the development project’s net present value, payback period, discounted payback period, and internal rate of return.

Master Plan & Development Consultancy

CBRE’s dedicated teams assist landlords with development planning both in the residential and commercial sector. Our teams combine the resources of all our departments to help you maximize your opportunities with real estate.

Thailand Paid Subscription Report

We offers in-depth Thailand report: Bangkok Property Report.
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  • Figure

    Bangkok Residential Figures Q3 2023

    November 20, 2023

    As the market remains subdued in the downtown area, developers continue to show a preference for launching new projects in the midtown/suburban area. This location caters to the demand from both own-stay and buy-to-rent buyers. A starting unit price of no more than THB 3 million is still the most common offering among the newly launched condominium units in Bangkok.

  • Figure

    Bangkok Overall Figures Q3 2023

    November 20, 2023

    Condominium market activity in downtown Bangkok remains subdued with no newly launched projects compared to 17 newly launched projects comprising 7,522 units in the midtown/suburban areas.

  • Figure

    Bangkok Hotel Figures Q3 2023

    November 19, 2023

    The number of tourist arrivals to Thailand was 7,089,281, an increase of 96.5% Y-o-Y and 10.1% Q-o-Q from 6,437,153 tourists in Q2 2023.

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