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The Beginner’s Guide to Property Management in Phuket

March 9, 2023


Property Management

Property management in Phuket is a rapidly growing subsector of Thai real estate. At its simplest, property management is the supervision of real estate by a third-party contractor. This real estate can be industrial, commercial, or residential, and property management companies—such as CBRE—will oversee the day-to-day running of these properties. 

What does this running involve? Well, property management is a notoriously complex and multi-faceted enterprise, and among other things, property managers are responsible for ensuring that repairs are carried out, that the property has sufficient security, and overseeing maintenance and upkeep more generally.

Property Management in Phuket 

Situated on the southern coast of Thailand, the island of Phuket is known worldwide for its stunning beaches, vibrant markets, ancient temples, and evocative Sino-Portuguese architecture. In 2019, just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the region, Phuket received nine million tourists. To put that in context, that’s almost three million more than Brazil welcomed the same year.

The sheer scale of these tourist numbers—to say nothing of the many expatriates who have made the island their home—means that areas such as villa management in Phuket are serious business. The island’s global popularity has resulted in many thousands of properties that require professional property management services. Inevitably, many owners of these properties will not be a position to manage their property alone. They may already own multiple properties and may not have the time or the expertise to individually manage their own portfolio. If a landlord finds themselves in this position, that’s when the property management services of a company like CBRE become useful.


Property Management Services in Phuket

Property management services in Phuket encompass a wide range of real estate. Perhaps the most obvious of these are the types of property that cater to tourists: villas and condominium projects in particular. However, property management services in Phuket can also extend to professional services for office buildings, shopping malls, industrial properties, and housing estates. As they have a wealth of experience dealing with these various real estate types, a competent property management company will be able to improve the tenant experience, solve management challenges, develop strategies for sustainability, and enhance the property more generally, meaning property owners can relax knowing their investment is in good hands.

Property Maintenance Services in Phuket 

Being a global travel and expatriate hotspot, Phuket has a lot of luxury and tourism-related real estate. In particular, Phuket is well known for its luxury villas with swimming pools and lush gardens. Consider the kind of maintenance a property like this requires. Property maintenance services, in Phuket particularly, would include taking responsibility for these services that are so necessary for the upkeep of such properties. That means hiring gardeners who understand how to care for the unique landscape around the property. It means getting maids who are professional, efficient, and friendly. It also means attracting the right technical talent. In the modern luxury home, a lot can go wrong—with the pool, the plumbing, with lighting, and in elevators etc.—and it is vital to have technicians who can identify problems early, not only for reasons of safety, but to prevent costs of repair spiraling out of control and to help future-proofing the property. Property maintenance services in Phuket, as offered by villa management companies like CBRE, will include all that. Indeed, they will often provide individually tailored maintenance packages to property owners in which they oversee regular inspections, maid services, as well as the maintenance and repair of equipment. 


Common Area Management in Phuket

The ‘common area’ refers to any parts of a property common to all tenants. For anyone who lives in a condominium, the swimming pool, fitness room, elevators, and lobby, are just some of the places that might comprise the common area. Because common areas are seen and used by all tenants and visitors, it is essential for the common area to be properly maintained. Common area management in Phuket is a very popular category for this reason: expatriates and tourists have certain expectations and standards that must be met, and property management companies like CBRE can ensure they are. First impressions in any real estate market are crucial, but consider the importance of these for a tourist arriving in a five-star hotel: they will expect to see a gleaming lobby, pristine bathrooms, tidy and well-lit walkways (even one flickering lightbulb can leave a bad impression), and spotless elevators and hallways on the way to their room. All these things and more make common area management in Phuket an essential consideration whether you are a current owner or future investor.

This purpose of this article was to provide information on the various aspects of property management in Phuket, including property management services, property maintenance services, and common area management. We hope that it helps you on your journey through the world of Phuket property.