Tenancy Management Services

The services are designed for owner-investors and cover all facets related to investing in rental property and maximizing investment property returns.

CBRE’s Tenancy Management Services cover all facets related to residential property owners investing in rental property. The services we provide are designed for owner-investors to maximize investment property returns by ensuring optimal rents and maximum occupancy rates while enjoying the security of professional management.

Our Hassle-free Solutions

Lease Checking
Ensuring lease agreements meet the highest professional standards, with bespoke terms and conditions to safeguard the owner’s interests.  

Rental Payments
Monitoring monthly rental payments and keeping track of relevant evidence e.g., bank transfer slips.

Handover of Premises
Handling all aspects of the handover process from the preparation of the handover list, to recording the premises’ condition, to meter readings.

Repairs and Maintenance
Arranging contractors to undertake any internal repairs so that essential services are always provided for tenants and with minimal risk to your premises.
Tenant Management
Communicating instructions, guidelines and/or recommendations to tenants to verify compliance with lease agreements.

Tenant Liaison
Providing a dedicated point of contact for your tenant to promptly and efficiently handle and resolve any issues or requests they may have.

Inspection of Premises
Inspecting the condition of premises regularly to make sure they meet expected standards.

Return of Premises
Carrying out a detailed joint inspection with your tenant upon lease expiry to identify areas of repair and any other matters that require rectification.  

Refund of Deposit
Recommending the amount to be refunded considering all costs involved e.g., repairs.

Re-decoration of Premises (if required)
Obtaining contractor quotations for the re-decoration of vacant premises and overseeing all the work to its completion with an agreed timeline and budget to the highest possible standard. 

Presentation of Vacant Premises
Ensuring vacant premises are presented in outstanding condition to attract prospective tenants.

Optional Services

Coordination Services
Registering notification of residence (TM30) forms when premises have been rented.

Arranging and coordinating payment of annual property taxes.

Leasing/Letting Service
Acting as the owner’s representative to find prospective tenants and managing transactions through our proven expertise and extensive experience in the Bangkok market.  

Lease Renewals and Rent Reviews
Negotiating lease renewals and carrying out rent reviews with tenants on the owner’s behalf.

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