รายงานตลาดอสังหาริมทรัพย์เพื่อการลงทุนในประเทศไทย ไตรมาส 4 ปี 2566

19 กุมภาพันธ์ 2567 Read 10 นาที

In Q4 2023, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voted unanimously to maintain the policy rate at 2.50%. The Bank of Thailand (BoT) adjusted the 2023 gross domestic product (GDP) growth forecast downward to 2.4% from 2.8%, due to weak demand. 

However, the BoT raised the forecast for GDP growth in 2024 to 3.2%. The BoT expects that GDP in 2024 will recover, driven mainly by domestic demand, tourism recovery, private consumption and merchandise exports.

During Q4 2023, 14 new joint-venture projects were publicly announced, 11 of which were from Origin Property Public Company Limited. The majority of joint-venture projects in Q4 2023 focused on residential development.

Additionally, two REIT expansions were reported in Q4 2023 from LH Hotel Leasehold REIT (LHHOTEL) and WHA Premium Growth REIT (WHART).